Le One Night Stand One Year Anniversary Show

Le One Night Stand party tomorrow night at Hiro Ballroom will be the one year anniversary and a tribute to the work of Serge Gainsbourg. Three local bands will be playing Serge covers from 8 to 11pm, and afterwards is the same great French-flavored pop-rock dance party.

Check it ouuuut! Then hit up the Sondre Lerche show at Bowery Ballroom, who has recently came out and said that Copy Control is kinda stupid.

le one night stand

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6 replies on “Le One Night Stand One Year Anniversary Show”

  1. there is a tribute album out.
    despite the critics, i think is good. and i’m a gainsbourg fan!
    PS: are you the same yo yo of the smokers room?

  2. Might be, who’s asking? Oh Amira thats right.

    Er, probably not but I do enjoy a smoke, is that the same thing?

    When I gave myself this name I thought it was pretty origional but the f***s are everwhere.

    Hey ho

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