Jack White Randomly Spreads Love on the Lower East Side

Check out Amrit’s entry about hugging Jack White on Saturday night when all he really wanted to do was talk to Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I cannot believe Amrit did not immediately text me afterwards. You’re SO fired.

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16 replies on “Jack White Randomly Spreads Love on the Lower East Side”

  1. I bet he gives good hugs too, being that he’s so big and burly and all. *blushes*

  2. When I was in NYC a few weeks ago I found a ZEN micro mp3 player laying in the street near Bowery and Broadway. It is amazing that someone can just lose their mp3 player like that.

  3. Fired? I’m using this run-in as leverage for a raise! No locks of hair. I know I made it seem like I “accepted” his hug but, truth be told, I didn’t have a choice! He just sort of grabbed me. He’s funny. Weird, but funny!

  4. sure he can-he sold out to Coke-the folks that invented Fanta so they could still sell stuff in Nazi Germany-Jack is a sell-out

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