Did You See the Raconteurs Tonight? Yah, Me Neither

Were you one of the 20 lucky folks on the guest list for tonight’s intimate Raconteurs performance at an undisclosed location. Nope? Me neither…instead I was seeing Astra Heights/ Nightmare of You/ She Wants Revenge…uh, close, but no cigar.

UPDATE: Dan found these photos of the event for XM Radio recorded for the Opie and Anthony Show.

raconteurs xm radio

After catching Astra Heights (4-piece from Texas) and the totally mis-nomered poppy-sounding Nightmare of You (I mean no disrespect, but who are we kidding? Shouldn’t they be called “Morrissey CD In My Back Pocket” or something?) I ran out of the venue after only catching a song and a half of She Wants Revenge. Sorry, I just can’t stomach their music.

Uh…but I managed to spend 45 minutes trying to memorize the lyrics to “Dance, Dance” so I could rip it up for the next time I do karaoke.

Um, why are you looking at me like that?

Head over to the Music Slut for a more comprehensive review.

46 Replies to “Did You See the Raconteurs Tonight? Yah, Me Neither”

  1. i mean no disrespect by this…

    but how does it feel to be totally humbled by not getting into a show?

  2. which is much better than my philly ass.

    i hope they play a small venue here. but not the electric factory.


  3. The show they played last night was a session for the Opie and Anthony show. Yeah I don’t get that either. Didn’t Jack used to hate frat boys?

  4. i’m looking at you like that because have you got nothing nice to say about Nightmare Of You? They’re better than Morrissey, in my opinion, whatever it’s worth. And–maybe that’ll get the backlash of the century–but they’re certainly great and deserve to be regarded differently than that. You have the chance to promote a different and great new band and all you do is compare them to Morrissey? Maybe you’re too busy listening to Howie Day or something. I…I just don’t know.

    ohhhh snap!

    …but no disrespect.

  5. hey i actually thought Nightmare of You was good but I don’t think their name is representative of their music b/c the name sounds so …emo, but they sound very poppy. i was thinking kinda Phantom Planet, but with more of a british pop influence. i don’t think i’m alone in that thought. oh crap, did i just start a debate on being name-appropriateness? oh boy.

    to be frank, sometimes i don’t have the chance to write a complete essay on all of my thoughts regarding every single band i’ve seen, but since when is sounding like you’ve got a Morrissey CD in your bad pocket a negative comment?

    sorry if my snapshot comment irked you, but that’s all i had brain power to write last night.

  6. as a fellow jack white fan – don’t you find it very strange he would affiliate himself with Opie and Anthony – the originators of WOW (whip em out wednesdays)??? Isn’t this the reason he wants all control of his music, so that it is not connected to this kind of thing? Not very gentlemanlike and frankly rather disappointing.

  7. That explains why they were in town since this past weekend. Who knows, maybe they’ve played 50 other shows since they arrived that are even MORE secretive…to like…2 people…! And…in the NY sewers! WoOoOo! I better nobody knew about that….’cuz it was a secret…

  8. Sugar Jack doesn’t have sole control of this band it’s not just up to him to decide what they do anymore.

  9. Well, to be fair, I didn’t know who the hell those Opie and Anthony guys were before I went to look at pictures of the Raconteurs on their site, so maybe Jack agreed to do it while similarly in the dark.

  10. I’m sure all the band knew was that they were going to do an XM Radio session and some guys name Opie and Anthony were hosting it. They don’t live in New York so they probably didn’t know who they are.

  11. Not buyin’ it. I’m way far from the NY scene & I know them by reputation. This band has sophisticated management–I’m sure they know exactly what they’re doing. This whole musical genre is doing not so well saleswise so I figure they feel they have to suck it up and do this for the publicity.

  12. the best publicity for them is Jack White’s bald spot. Yeah Laura we are back to olde Jackie’s hair again.

  13. I am pretty sure Opie and Anthony were only hosting it and doing an interview and the show will be played on one of the XM music channels in the future.

    O & A were giving away tickets on Tuesday to anyone who came down to the studio.

  14. Haven’t seen it up close, but when he’s onstage and under the lights, it does appear that there is a lighter spot at the top of his head. It’s either a bald spot, or his lighter colored hair growing out.

  15. when the white stripes played conan’s show 4 days in a row back while elephant was out,you could see jack’s bald spot pretty clearly during the last song they played (lets build a home/goin back to memphis) as jack played slide guitar on conan’s desk. now that ive written that, ill go kill myself.

  16. Jack is going bald! Yikes-he may be an odd looking bald man-some can pull olff being bald some cant. He seems like a “cant” pull it off type

  17. I have been so busy staring at his gigantic crotch I never noticed the thinning hair. Yeah, Jack will look strange bald. Mother Nature has her revenge on a rock god-its gonna get ugly!

  18. He doesn’t have a bald spot, its his natural hair growing through. i saw the secret gig and its his which is fair. sorry but he has a full head of hair. He’s either too tall, too big, bald whatever, I’d say he’s too talented, too cool for you, and too good looking.

  19. just becuse hes too good looking does not mean he is not balding bozo-I was there too-he is losing his folicles. I never said he wasnt sexy

  20. I just read that whenever The Raconteurs play down under in Australia they have to change their name to The Saboteurs, because another band has already taken Raconteurs.

  21. for those obsessed with jack’s hair: i’ve seen him in person many times and there was no “bald spot” to be found. he has thinned at the temples, but that’s normal for men his age. it probably wouldn’t be as noticeable if he cut a couple inches off and quit flat ironing it to death.

  22. Comment #34 cracked me up . . . It brought me back to my first viewing of the “Under Blackpool Lights” video. “Hm, the lighting is hitting really weird and making strangely suggestive shadows . . . holy shit!”

    And thus were thousands of crushes on Jack White born.

  23. Let’s see…we’ve talked about Jack’s crotch,his hair,his height,his weight,his morals. How ’bout his music? Pretty talented guy if you ask me. Let’s try forgetting he was in the White Stripes for like 2 minutes and talk about a new band (ie. 4 guys) called the Raconteurs.

  24. Hey #39,I am from Detroit and have been into the Stripes since the Gold Dollar show and that is not lighting or shadows, Jack is part horse!

  25. he’s getting bald. just searh for raconteurs on google images and you will find a pic where he is facing the other black haired guy and both are with the same colt and you see hwo hes going fucking bald. and the other guy too. whatever raconteurs sucks and i hope bald bitchy jack doesn’t screw the WS.

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