Is This God’s Way of Telling Me Not to Listen to Fall Out Boy?

So on my way to the Gorillaz show (more on that later), I headed out of my apartment listening to The Streets‘ heart-breaking song about his late father, “Never Went to Church.” I walked about a block and a half when all of sudden the music stopped. A little like freeze dance, I stopped too, but when I reached inside my pocket, my 4-month-old Nano was gone-o.

I retraced my footsteps about 10 times, but I wasn’t able to find it. Someone walking behind me must have strolled off with it, or someone snatched it when I wasn’t looking. I usually have my hand on it at all times, but since it was raining like a mother, I was holding my umbrella.

I guess now it’s 1,000 of my songs in someone else’s pocket.

They are now the proud owners of a Nano filled with: The Raconteurs, The Strokes, White Stripes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Arctic Monkeys, Fall Out Boy, South, Ryan Adams, Beastie Boys, Sondre Lerche, We Are Scientists, Jenny Lewis, Maximo Park, The Cinematics, Madonna, Morningwood, etc.

Do you think this is punishment for listening to “Dance, Dance” all day long? Or mentioning the word podcast?

So if you happen to have a hookup with Apple or are looking to unload your new working iPod for some reason, please drop a line to me at: ipodsadness @ Of if you happen to have semi-amusing/sad stories of iPod loss (like the story Mark told me about someone he knew flushing his Nano down the toilet) leave ’em in the comments. We can wallow in sorrow together.


Xmas Ipod 2005-April 2006. MIA.

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  1. I have to move around when I’m listening to music, or else I get antsy. Last year- right after I bought the new 60GB Photo iPod that was just released- I decided to walk around my backyard and enjoy the evening.

    Unfortunately, as I was heading inside, I decided to walk along some big rocks by my pool…. I tripped. I managed to catch myself on the edge of the pool before my entire body was submerged, but my iPod- in the pocket of my jacket- was not so lucky.

    It took me nearly a year to save up for a new one. When I finally bought a new 60GB/photo, Apple announced the new, super slim 60 GB photo/video that rendered mine obsolete. Balls.

  2. 3/24/05

    LONDON – I haven’t listened to music in eighty-one days. On January 3, I moved to London without a CD player, an mp3 player, or even a radio. I did bring a laptop with me, but it was built in 1993 and is only good for writing papers in Microsoft Word and playing Minesweeper. You might be wondering why a music columnist would starve himself of music. Trust me, I didn’t plan on it.

    When I decided to spend the semester abroad, I realized lugging my massive CD collection to London would be impractical, so I did something drastic, something radical, unthinkable, even. I purchased an iPod.

    You see, until recently I viewed the iPod as the ultimate status toy, on par with Segways, TiVo, and indoor plumbing. Bono may think the iPod is the most interesting artistic creation in pop since the electric guitar, but I saw it as the piece of technology that would eventually kill the romance in pop music.

    Before music went digital, records were tangible and had more meaning. You could touch them, smell them, or even burn them in protest (If John Lennon said The Beatles were bigger than Jesus in 2005, how would the religious right react? By deleting their Beatles mp3s?). Distinct to its owner, a record collection characterized you in ways an iTunes playlist never will.

    When a friend can acquire a music collection you’ve worked 10 years to amass in a week, the uniqueness of that collection is irreparably diminished. Nevertheless, the thought of spending four months without music was too much to bear, so I caved and made Apple Computer $299 richer when I purchased a 20gb iPod.

    I spent the week before leaving for London putting my CD collection on iTunes. This took an incredible amount of time, especially since I uploaded every album I own, including crap purchases like Chris Cornell’s Euphoria Morning, Richard Ashcroft’s Alone With Everybody and Oasis’s Standing on the Shoulder of Giants.

    I finished the project at 4 a.m. on the morning of my departure – 5,177 songs in total on my iPod. The order of events that would take place next shook me to the core and serve as the reason I’ve been without music for the past two and a half months.

    After deleting every song from my computer and emptying the recycling bin, I reconnected my iPod to iTunes. Sadly, I failed to change the update setting from automatic to manual. The result? Every single song was lost.

    When you delete 5,177 songs from your iPod on the morning you’re moving to London for four months, insane thoughts pop into your head.

    “Maybe there’s a way to recover files deleted from the recycling bin,” I wondered.

    Surprisingly, programs claiming to do this exist. But as I would learn, they’re really good at recovering temporary internet files and not so good at recovering 5,177 deleted mp3s. Nothing could be done.

    I was the owner of an iPod with no songs. I had a flight to London that left in six hours. And I was faced with the realization that I would have no music whatsoever for four months. Exhausted, my knees buckled and I crumbled to the floor in a flurry of sobs.

    “Curse you, iTunes!” I screamed. “Damn you, Steve Jobs!”

    And if Bono had been in that room with me, I think I would have fought him.

  3. I thought i’d lost my 30g iPod today but I came back home and it was on my desk

    hope that helps in some way :X

  4. btw #3 that sucks, but you could have used your 4 hours left to put on a couple of your favorite albums :O

  5. I’m a painter and was up at 4am working on a piece when I leaned over to dunk a brush in a bucket, and saw my new 40Gig slip straight from my shirt pocket into the murkey water slop.

    I grabbed it, and SUCKED the water out of the input hole like venom from snake bite. I was desperate. Delusional, maybe.

    Then I got on my knees, and people, I literally prayed to the lord for it’s miraculous recovery.
    Swear to god, next morning, she was working again.

  6. gahh that sucks laura and post 3.

    i’ve been without my ipod for 8 months now..i always forget to check my pockets before doing laundry. doh. i need to find me a
    job so i can get my ipod 30gb and my future rebel xt. aklsfjd.

  7. “I feel losing an iPod is just part of life.”

    True. In fact I know several people on their third or fourth. Mine keep breaking, but only because the disc drive keeps going haywire. You’d think something that costs $300-500 should last longer than a year.

    thank goodness for Applecare.

  8. Sucky. I’m sorry. I’ve lost 2 hard drives – died. Not ipods being stolen, but the amount of files (music, emails, photos, writing, photoshop files) lost forever still hurt my heart.

  9. laura, you know that my dog ate my 30 gig photo right? a few months ago.

    well, not ate, but chewed it up pretty badly one day.

    it was in a million pieces and i was a mess.

  10. last summer i fell asleep listening to my ipod at jones beach… woke up suddenly when i got soaked. the tide came in, and with it washed away and drowned my ipod. rip 10gigipod born 2002.

    also. a couple of months ago i downloaded the latest itunes, and that version DELETED my entire music library when i installed it. i was devistated because i have no clue where like 90% of the cds i put into my itunes are anymore. (who listens to cds anymore after theyre safely in a computer or ipod?) i managed to recover most of the songs but this version of itunes is really peculiar in that it randomly deletes songs. I could be listening to a song at 1:15pm… go back to hear it again 10 minutes later and ill get an error that it is no longer on my hard drive. I thought maybe this was a problem that happens with downloaded music, as opposed to music that was burned right from the original cds. nope. it randomly deletes everything. i have lost around 100 songs to my itunes. rip whats the story morning glory

  11. a couple months ago my 20gb picture ipod was stolen, i was soooo pissed. Then after saving up for so long i finally bought a new one. . . and then 2 days later the police found my old ipod>LIFE’S A BITCH

  12. I’m surprised that the police actually found your ipod. I’m sure the whole station was looking for leads for months. Why didn’t you just return the new one?

    I got the ipod when it first came out for windows and that one got stolen. I had a 15 gig and I dropped it from about 3 feet up onto concrete a couple months ago and it broke. I now have the 30 gig video one. I haven’t watched any videos though…

    also for the london guy… why did you delete every single song from itunes? just needed room or something? when it comes to deleting stuff, murphy’s law always seems to come into full effect (for me at least…)

  13. um i know someone who accidentally forgot their ipod was in the pants thrown in a laundry bag and yes…their ipod went thru the wash. owwwwch.

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