Best/ Worst IM Conversation Ever

In which my friend Alyse and I discuss what Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz is up to…

miss modernage: fall out boy lyrics don’t make any sense
alyse:: um
alyse:: do they have to make sense?
miss modernage: ” she says she’s no good with words but i’m worse barely stuttered out “a joke of a romantic” or stuck to my tongue weighed down with words too over-dramatic tonight it’s “it can’t get much worse” vs. “no one should ever feel like..” ”
miss modernage: wHAt?
alyse:: what’s next? are you going to watch pete’s guest star run on one tree hill?
miss modernage: ohmigod he’s going to be on one tree hill??
alyse:: yep
miss modernage: i <3 peengate
alyse:: he’s in like 3 episodies
miss modernage: i’ll catch it on you tube hopefully
alyse:: yah
miss modernage: i don’t think i can stand watching that show
alyse:: they put it up there
alyse:: which is where i’ll recap it
miss modernage: i HATE chad michael murry or whatever his name is
alyse:: heh
alyse:: i hate sophia bush
miss modernage: dude i read that he’s dating some 17 year old
miss modernage: that played a cheerleader on the show
miss modernage: wtf
alyse:: so pete is going to be back on the show
miss modernage: i don’t know anything about these ppl

alyse:: for like 2-3 episodes
miss modernage: other than what i learned during the house of wax behind the scenes thing on mtv
alyse:: and have a thing with peyton (hillary burton)
miss modernage: hot
miss modernage: hahhahaha
miss modernage: so mtv
alyse:: one of the upcoming episodes is called
miss modernage: hahhaha how does someone in fall out boy get on a freaking tv show?
miss modernage: that’s so bizarre
miss modernage: i love fall out boy though
miss modernage: i’m late to the party
alyse:: wait
miss modernage: sad
alyse:: ok
alyse:: he’s going to be in this wednesday episode
alyse:: 3.18. wednesday, april 5, 2006. “when it isn’t like it should be.” pete wentz of musical group fall out boy guest stars — rachel (danneel harris) invites the gang to her family’s cabin for a weekend getaway. lucas (chad michael murray), brooke (sophia bush) and nathan (james lafferty) conspire to surprise haley (bethany joy) while peyton (hilarie burton) receives an unexpected visitor (guest star wentz) at the cabin. mouth (lee norris) harbors resentment towards rachel, and a game of “i never” reveals a secret. meanwhile, karen (moira kelly) confronts dan (paul johansson) about keith’s (craig sheffer) death. barbara alyn woods and barry corbin also star. paul johansson directed the episode written by r. lee fleming, jr.
miss modernage: i only really discovered what fall out boy was like 2 weeks ago
alyse:: i still don’t what they are
alyse:: i’ve never heard a song
alyse:: i think
miss modernage: dance dance
alyse:: wait
alyse:: though
miss modernage: i didn’t know what it was until this weekend
alyse:: next week’s episode has the title
alyse:: 3.19. wednesday, april 12, 2006. “i slept with someone in fall out boy and all i got is this stupid song written about me.”
miss modernage: hahahahha
miss modernage: hahha
alyse:: swear to god
miss modernage: that’s the name of one of their songs
alyse:: yep
alyse:: all the episode titles
alyse:: for the show are song titles
alyse:: all of them
miss modernage: aahh
miss modernage: hahha
miss modernage: ahhahahahaha
alyse:: some are cool – like old cure songs
miss modernage: this gets worse and worse
alyse:: moira kelly directs — lucas (chad michael murray) struggles with the decision of whether he should play basketball in the wake of keith’s (craig sheffer) death. brooke (sophia bush) forces rachel (danneel harris) to deal with a dark secret. nathan (james lafferty) and haley’s (bethany joy lenz) wedding reprise is put to the test and peyton (hilarie burton) decides to visit pete (wentz of “fall out boy”) in chicago. paul johansson, barbara alyn woods, barry corbin and moira kelly also star. moira kelly directed the episode written by bill brown.
miss modernage: worse and worse
miss modernage: hahaha and she’s going to Chicago
miss modernage: hahaahahah
miss modernage: this is the worst thing ever
miss modernage: hahah
miss modernage: i love it
miss modernage: love
alyse:: i love it
alyse:: yep
miss modernage: so bad
miss modernage: when is it on???
miss modernage: hahahahah
alyse:: you missed the groundbreaking episode
alyse:: wednesday at 9pm i think
alyse:: that was 2 weeks ago
miss modernage: aughhh!
miss modernage: top model?
miss modernage: when’s that on?
alyse:: when there was a school shooting
miss modernage: 8?
alyse:: i don’t know
alyse:: don’t watch
miss modernage: i think top model on at 8
miss modernage: but i need to watch the last episode of top chef
miss modernage: before the new one
miss modernage: this is traumatic
miss modernage: this is also the best im conversation ever
miss modernage: i’m going to post it
alyse:: oh god
miss modernage: best
alyse:: well, hey, you’re the one analyzing fall out boy lyrics
miss modernage: um your the one who knows who’s on one tree hill, ok?
alyse:: heh
miss modernage: we’re both losers

16 Replies to “Best/ Worst IM Conversation Ever”

  1. thank god you have worse conversations than ours.
    i’m still pissed that you’ve usurped the role of queen fall out boy fan from me.

  2. funny. I was going to include My Chemical Romance as a band that sucks in the last post in addition to fall out boy. I am pretty shocked. I usually agree with your tastes, but couldn’t despise those two bands more. Oh well, just a little confused.

  3. While I may have been a party to this ridiculous and retarded conversation, I neither listen to or like Fall Out Boy or My Chemical Romance. I’m washing my hands of any possible guilty by association. But I will readily admit I heart Leyton for any One Tree Hill Fans out there. Oh yeah…. 🙂

  4. heh i,m hoping the sudden show of love for fall out boy has something to do with a certain pic.who knew, a member of fall out boy has a penis

  5. i think everyone has to have their guilty pleasure bands..but no need to be embarrased about it! i will proudly state that i <3 FOB.

  6. but daaaammmmn miss modernage, FALL OUT BOY?!??!!?!haha just kidding i only know one song by them and i like my chemical romance.anyway sorry to hear about the loss of your ipod.i’ve been there.

  7. just incase your wondering. . . chad michael murray is now engaged to that 17 year old cheerleader

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