South at Maxwell’s

Since I’ll most likely end up spending most of this Friday night hyperventilating over the Raconteurs and Irving Plaza and not make it to Bowery, I made a last minute decison to make the treck to Hoboken, NJ to catch South at their Maxwell’s gig. They ended up doing 3 encore songs, one of which was a cover of New Order‘s “Bizzare Love Triangle”.

SET LIST: You Are One/ Up Close and Personal/ Same Old Story/ Place In Displacement/ Loosen Your Hold/ Safety In Numbers/ Keep Close/ Habit of a Lifetime/ Slidetune/ Paint the Silence/ Colour In Waves/ Motiveless Crimes/ Shallow/ Sight of Me/ Bizzare Love Triangle/ (something else??)


south at maxwells

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2 Replies to “South at Maxwell’s”

  1. Were they good? I saw Serena Maneesh at Northsix in Brooklyn last night. And those boys need to learn to speak English. I was really embarrassed since I’m Norwegian too. It’s just awful. Anyone who has seen them know what I’m talking about. Anyways. Another fellow Norwegian was in the audience last night; Sondre Lerche! He didn’t seem to enjoy the show and was busy talking to his girlfriend (wife?) most of the time.

  2. they were good. they seemed kinda loopy. Joel kept saying random stuff to the audience. aw sondre!! it’s his wife, btw.

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