NYTimes.com Gets a Redesign, NYMag.com Scratches Its Head?

New York, Neewwww Yoooorrrkk!

Did you catch the New York Times Web site redesign that launched this morning? Only thing is, doesn’t it kinda look suspiciously similar to the New York magazine site redesign which happened earlier this year? Hmmm…

Well in the New York Times‘ defense, redesigns take a very long time (According to Leonard Apcar, Editor of NYTimes.com, they started working on it a year ago.), so maybe (hopefully) this particular design was already in the works before NYMag.com launched. Perhaps all great New York-centric minds (or art departments) think alike? Or maybe some consulting firm just did a two-for-one market research deal.

ny times redesign


new york magazine redesign

Or how about when you drill down…

ny times redesign


new york magazine redesign


Oh, on a side note an article on Sondre Lerche (pictured above) written by my friend Sara is in the latest issue of New York magazine.

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  1. The new NYTimes.com is better but it’s not enough. Khoi Vinh, design director at NYTimes.com, calls it “awesome.” Even more awesome is the urgent need for effective design and advertising models. Newspapers aren’t changing their sites enough or fast enough.

    “This site, like so many other newspaper.coms, still makes you feel like you’re staring at a detailed database schema diagram on a whiteboard, says Jay Small, leader of Small Initiatives, a consumer experience consultancy.

    see complete story and alternatives at


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