Awesome Shiny Crap I Bought/Wore Today

I want to take this post to say, “I’m sorry Peter for stealing your style, but I had to do it. The shoes were too hot not to.”

Yup, I simply had to get myself a pair of the slammin gold metalic sneakers made by Converse. I know they look silver, but according to the box they are gold. I love them so much.

gold converse
Speaking of bling, check out this photo of my nameplate from 5th grade that I wear from time to time because I don’t have any cool jewlery. My friend Melissa had an awesome sword necklace at the Editors show, but I’ve already forgotten where she got it from. My memory is the worst sometimes.

UPDATE: Melissa wrote in with the website where to score the sword necklace I mentioned:

laura nameplate

My nameplate reminded me of another text-based necklace…the “AVAILABLE” necklace by Lee Riot (aka Steven Shein) that I was totally obsessed with for 15 minutes in 2004. Well seeing it again, and available online has made me once again think about purchasing the item…but it’s still totally tacky, isn’t it? 65 bucks for a piece of plastic that I might run the risk of never having the stomach to wear? Thoughts?

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