The Strokes Are the 23rd Most Loathsome New Yorkers

Well at least according to the NY Press

The Strokes

Rock Band

The music industry likes to blame massive file-sharing for their miserable status, but what they forget is that this era produced bands like The Strokes and touted them as the saviors of rock ‘n’ roll. Relying on the crude, formulaic approach jumpstarted decades ago by the likes of Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground, The Strokes are far from saviors of the ailing music industry.

Instead, they have swayed rock from being dangerous, thrilling—hell, even enjoyable—to stale, monotonous and wearisome. After straddling the indie/mainstream fence with their first release, we should have recognized they are no more “saviors” than the Rolling Stones, for whom they opened on tour. We can only pray for something as miraculous as the Apocalypse if they are able to sustain their careers to the age of those British geezers.

There is a place for simple, catchy rock; but for minimalist rock movements to succeed, substance must triumph over style, pretension sacrificed to essence. With the über-pompous Strokes, it’s difficult even to tolerate their crudeness from a jukebox muffled with the converse of bar patrons. Are they the saviors of rock ‘n’ roll? Maybe in the sense that their presence could result in the utter destruction of an archaic, out-of-touch music industry.

23 Replies to “The Strokes Are the 23rd Most Loathsome New Yorkers”

  1. how was chart friendly rock “angerous, thrilling—hell, even enjoyable” earlier? how did the strokes ruin that?

  2. if your even thinking of starting a band stop right now unless you have a signed note from God or whomever/whatever stating your complete go home,The Strokes fucked it up for everybody.

  3. What a bitter man. I wonder if hes as sad and lonely as i hope he is? Regardless, he’s a tosser, next topic,

  4. that journalist needs a kick up the ass, the strokes never claimed to be saviours, and everyone who has seen them touring this year have found them far from stale, monotonous and wearisome

  5. WOW…this guy’s LOVIN’ the STROKES. (YEEEEEEAAH!)
    But seriously, more people probably read this article compared to anything else he’s ever written…so he’ll probably keep it up. Oh and, “substance must triumph?”… “über-pompous”? Man, anyone who writes like that is just as guilty of pretension.

  6. i’m sure he loves britney.
    and maybe he’s just angry because they didn’t let him interview them or something.
    it’s always good when you get storng reactions, it means you are rocking

  7. it sure is a shame that the strokes came along and took the focus off the fresh and exciting rock bands like creed, nickelback, and puddle of mudd.

  8. yeah, lotta fucking nerve, i say. when every other band out there now is trying to copy their every twitch.

  9. obviously this guy couldn’t think of any other famous new yorkers to sledge. go listen to some rap or ur shitty christian grunge rock u fucking wanker

  10. So, Laura, what do you think of this?
    Did the strokes disappointed you at the point to agree with this ‘journalist’?

  11. so the strokes are in a bit of a lull at the mo. thats cool, let the true fans be separated from the posers. Its testin time breh!

  12. I don’t think that guy has ever written songs, he clearly has no appreciation for it- like most critics. The Strokes have worked hard and have written some good tunes, thats the bottom line. Everything he wrote is just stuff he read from other critics.

  13. The Strokes are overrated and not very original. I think they’ll be as remembered as the Cars.

  14. um kylis no…blah with the tired overrated strokes thing and they’re too damn sexy too be mentioned in the same sentence with the cars

  15. Well that was a lovely read, wasn’t it. Ha ha. Bitter much?

    The Strokes are (I emphasise:) alright. But those ‘British geezers’? More loved than you’ll ever be, mate. For good reason too. Go stick it eh.

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