The Raconteurs’ “Broken Boy Soldiers” Album Cover

Revealed! Now I know what you’re thinking…”What would Jason Von Bondies say?” I’m not entirely sure what the inspiration between the photographs for the Broken Boy Soldiers cover but perhaps you guys have some theories?

the raconteurs broken boy soldiers

For everyone who has already taken a listen to the live Raconteurs recording made in Glasgow this month, do you have some favorite tunes off the upcoming album? I particularly love “Level”.

Listen to The R-teurs live performance on Zane Lowe from this past Wednesday. Or download the mp3s. Check out the “groovy” version of “Store Bought Bones” and the Beatles-esque version of “Call It a Day”.

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  1. Maybe Billy Childish beat the tar out of him. Jack’s hair is mighty stringy, if he was not such a fat ass I would think that Karen had him on heroin like her last couple boy toys.

  2. too skinny. too fat. hair not right. everyone’s on heroin. boy toys. sigh. go back to perezhilton.

  3. Jason S whoever you really are go and eat glass. You’re bitter and what you wrote is proof. hate everyone to the grave, its a great way to live asshole. You’re jealous Jack has a hot wife, he’s having a baby, he is successful and he could beat the shit out of you I’m sure. Great album cover by the way.

  4. so, finally heard the song…worse than i ever could have thought. biggest piece of crap ever..both of the songs on the site, jack what happened? telescope & hope? sea & me? the lyrics are about as creative as the spice girls were….remember them? no, wait, don’t want to insult the girls…can’t wait for jack to put out a cartoon movie with the band where they all get trapped inside satan’s anus and have to drink each other’s piss to survive…any minute now…

  5. If you think the songs are shit you can’t blame it all on Jack. He has a writing partner now named Brendan Benson and Benson wrote those lyrics. You really should listen to the Zane Lowe session, but judging by your post you probably wouldn’t like that either because you sound just like another run-of-the-mill Jack hater. Go off and play now.

  6. when they are one-sided, petty, exagerrated, repetitive and include lame language like “boytoy”.

  7. Love the cover, the title and all the boys regardless of what they look like. There is another picture I’ve seen somewhere of them looking like they’re in a circle jerk, has anyone else seen that?

  8. Why waste you time hating these guys and writing about it? can’t find anything better to do with your life?

  9. I agree, the Racontuers lyrics are so lame, I thought I was just hating on them cuz I miss tws ..

  10. I love the band and the lyrics i think they’re beatles-esque. i bet you cynics can’t do better? Jaded i think is the word.

  11. Beatles-esque? That comment is the sign of the downfall of Western Civilization. Well who knows if Miss Karen has Jackie shotting smack then maybe she will be the White Stripes Yoko Ono. Oh wait Yoko was much better looking. I always amazes me how obsessed fans can never picture their idols shooting up or screwing up. Wipe away all the art school asthetics of the White Stripes and you have a guy from the slum with his ex-wife he treated like garbage. People who know better are not distracted by 3 colors. Jack is not what his fans think, he is very good at marketing and manipulating. Talented too, but with all of the aforementioned attributes as well.

  12. Please! Many of us can see past Jack’s facade we’re not idiots. I know some pretty unsavory things about Jack, but “guess what?”, I don’t give a shit!!

  13. What? A Facade!!!! I thought he was a saint! Now all my hopes and dreams are ruined…lol

  14. unsavory things? Like what?
    cheating on his ex and current wife?
    his insane temper?
    his pompous attitude?
    his disdain for his fans that paid their $$ to put him where he is today?
    oh and lets not forget being a hypocrite……but it is entertaining how much he hates his curly blond hair and tries so hard to look tough with his black hair-it is great to see someone so pompous and stuck-up showing his insecurities about himself to the whole world.

  15. We’re not as stupid as you think we are MB. We don’t care about that stuff cuz it has nothing to do with the music he makes. Am I going to quit listening to the White Stripes because Jack betrays his friends by not being able to keep it in his pants or for other reasons? No, because that is not my business and shouldn’t effect the music. Are you trying to say we should quit liking the band or admiring Jack’s work because he isn’t the little boy scout he portrays himself to be? That’s stupid.

  16. Didn’t Jack dye his hair to look black to look more like Meg’s so they could pull off the brother/sister thing?

  17. Jack’s hair isn’t naturally blonde. Have you seen his family members? None of them have blonde hair unless they all dyed theirs too. Jack did dye his hair blonde for a short period of time around ’98, but it isn’t naturally blonde.

  18. Is your life so terrible that you have nothing better to do than sit around on internet blogs saying bad things about someone you dislike in the hopes of crushing some fans’ hearts, which didn’t work by the way. I’m sure you have more useful things to do with your time.

  19. On and off yeah they boff each other-I’m not jealous just bored. Not trying to offend here I think the Stripes are talented but so much of their success is built around lies. Someone as shady as John has no right to judge others that is all I am saying. He is a strange guy, lies way too much and does not care one way or another who he hurts. If I like a band it is just because of their music too but he is such an awful delusional liar, that is why fans get so mad when anyone rips on John-they cannot deal with their idol being such a liar. Thats all

  20. jack has reddish /blonde hair. you can see it in lots of photos….his roots. It is super curly too, he is rocking the white boy fro when he loses his flat iron. I would have no problem with him using mine though:)

  21. Yeah Laura Jackie wont admit it but you know hes just a male Madonna! Always trying to re-invent him self with a new look. We were discussing his new hairdo called the “smack addict”

  22. Oh, my goodness! Jack White (or John, as fake Marcie Bolan impersonator above refers to him) is not what his image would portray him to be! Oh, my illusions are shattered! Next your going to tell me Elvis dyed HIS hair black! Or John Lennon smacked around his first wife (among other people)! Or that that isn’t Michael Jackson’s real nose! Oh, woe is me! Is NO ONE really the person they claim to be?!?

  23. well we are not just talking haicolor. we are talking racism, spousal abuse, sleeping with minors, serious anger issues, laughing at how fans dig his sweetheart image.have you heard him laugh at his fans saying how dumb they are? have you heard him spewing hate about signing autographs? the people (you) who worship him he laughs at. that does not bother you? idol worship is sick, and thats what you all do putting some wife-beater on a pedastal. this is a man that would walk over all of you for .10 cents. someday all this will come out when he loses control of his bullshit spin machine.

  24. Well then wife #2 must be an idiot to be having a baby with him and wife #1 must be an idiot to continue working with him and the 3 other members of the Raconteurs must be stupid to even put up with his bullshit.

  25. yeah you kow women never marry assholes and everyone in a band are always friends they are never in it for the $$$.

  26. What is your fucking problem? Who are you some guy he pissed off? Why were you never on here before talking about this shit did you just discover the Modern Age? I know Jack doesn’t like his fans. It is obvious to most of his fans by interviews he has given that he doesn’t enjoy signing autographs or talking with us. I’m sure a bunch of other musicians treat their fans like shit too, but you are too dense to realize that WE DON”T FUCKING CARE!! Did you know there are fans of Charles Manson’s music? Or fans of the pedofile Roman Polanski’s movies? That means these people like them for their art, not for the people they are. Every person in the public eye puts up a front. Jack certainly isn’t the first person to make up lies about himself or portray a false image. It’s obvious you think we’re a bunch of idiots or something. Is being a White Stripes fan a personal affront to you simply because you can’t stand Jack White? What are you trying to accomplish by spreading this shit on here? Are you hoping he’ll lose a bunch of fans?

    It is quite obvious Jack and his band members are really friends. They have been now for 8 years and you can tell by the way they act together they are close. Of course you are going to say that is all pretend too. By the way, did you read Laura’s new entry? See he doesn’t hate his fans THAT much.

  27. HA! I’ll bet every rock star has slept with a minor. That doesn’t make it right, but it certainly ain’t nothing new.

  28. Jack acts like a a saint and is always judging others. If it is all about the music why does he bother with the lies? Jack was ridiculed way too much as a kid and now he wants to pay back the whole world for it. What you hate the most you can easily become. People just dont like the music, they are drawn in by a phony sham, this nice guy,and it is sickening. You can all say you just dig the music but image has so much to do with it. Jack is a total phony.

  29. oh and its pedophile, not pedofile-I happen to like roman polanski-mike jackson is insane, dont dig him.
    OMG-jack white and Mike Jackson have an odd resemblance dont they? lol

  30. Dear Anon 44,


    Have you got that through your head yet?

  31. Laura, can you make this asshole Jack pissed off or betrayed or whatever shut his mouth and go find something more productive to do with his time? If not I’ll get someone to come in here and give him a little e-beating.

  32. Since when does liking someone’s music mean you are brainwashed? Frankly, I don’t really care what JW is like in his personal life, cuz guess what? I AM NEVER GOING TO MEET HIM! And I am not going to marry him or sleep with him or hang out with him or anything. SO if he likes to sleep with 16-year-old girls and cheat on his wives/girlfriends, etc., I don’t care cuz it’s none of my business.

    As far as him being a racist, I have never heard him make a racist statement…if he ever does make one publicly, then I will judge him on the basis of that at that time. Otherwise, I have no indication of such.

    You Jack bashers really severely underestimate the intelligence of WS fans. Not all of us are little fan girls kneeling before our Jack White altars with wool pulled tightly over our eyes.

  33. Exactly! Why do you sad t**ts care what he is like as a person? its about the music and the music is good. Although all you jack white haters probably wouldnt know that having probably never listened to any of his songs. I expect you’re too busy talking out of your ass and listening to crap like girls aloud

  34. you all need to re-think b4 u talk . white stripes r sweet idc wat the hell jacks doin with chics . thats the life man . the life of a celeb . the coke the heroin the girls . shit i wouldnt mind that at all . hes more of a hero now then he was being innocent

  35. JW is an ugly dude, however, u cant tell me any1 of u dont like ‘dead leaves and the dirty ground’

  36. Jack white is a true musical genius,,,he plays a *hit load of instrumanets and plays them well..who gives a crap what he thinks and does…im guessing people asking for your autograph and literally bowing down to lick your anus 24/7 would piss you off to…if you want to become a white stripes fan buy there dvd live under blackpool lights its brilliant

  37. What the hell is wrong with you people? “Jack’s a fat ass..” What the hell are you talking about?! He’s an average weight! What’s up with you people and thinking everyone has to conform to the new I’m-so-anorexic look? Paris Hilton looks like shit! She looks like a grind rail, if you want to know the truth. Geez. Go die. You all suck at life.

  38. I’ve read a lot of comments about the racontuers’ lyrics. First of all, on one hand, I kind of agree that some of the lyrics are a bit corny, or cheesey, or just not that good. On the other hand, I think some of them are pretty good and interesting. Either way, I really love the music behind those lyrics, and, to me that is far more important. A song can have the greatest lyrics ever written, but if the music is uninteresting, uninspiring, or just plain lame, then the song will just suck. Being a musician/songwriter myself, I know how difficult writing lyrics can be. It’s the hardest part of songwriting. Coming up with cool guitar riffs, melodies, drum beats, etc. is rather easy in comparison. So sometimes, great songs get stuck with stupid lyrics just because you want to put some kind of words in there so the good musical part of the song can be heard instead of going to waste. But that doesn’t mean they are bad songs.

    And to all the people commenting on such superficial things as looks and physical condition, who cares! That is the biggest problem with music today; the emphasis on looks instead of sound. Looks are for beauty pageants, not music! Maybe if people started actually listening to people, we would have a few more unattractive artists, but I guarantee you that we would have a lot better music out there.

    But that’s just my opinion…

  39. Jack has never said anything racist, he did say that he wish that he was born in the 1920’s or 1930’s playing blues music in jukejoints alone, be he is white and was born in the 1970’s so that’s not going to happen, he does not like rap music or hiphop and that’s ok but he finds Wu Tang clan interesting and I think he was going to collaborate with them on some tunes.

    P.S Jack’s hair color is reddish he is an american irish boy
    AkA John Mckenzie Gillis Very irish

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