50 Replies to “The Raconteurs Sell Out Irving Plaza”

  1. some guy is selling 3 pairs of tickets on craigslist already, $250 a pair… shocking, i tell you, shocking!

  2. yeah at first me and my friend couldn’t get any at exactly 12:00 and a few seconds. but then god shone down upon us and somebody must’ve timed out their 2 minutes or given up their tix (?!?!??!?!?!) and we got 2. thank the lord. we shall be waiting on line on friday at like, 3 am….just like we did the LAST TIME JACK WHITE PLAYED IRVING PLAZA. (okay not really…i’m over those days…but lining up WILL BE HAPPENING!)

  3. that show was sold out at 12:00 even.
    i pulled up two tickets and went to check out
    and found out they werent available.
    the ticketmaster gods were angry today

  4. First thing I did after screaming for 45 seconds was to go to ebay. There was a guy selling tickets for……….. 499 dollars. and guess what. I refreshed and badang. Sold!!!! Unbelieveable.

    I didn’t get the tickets at the sale, but I got one now. (not a 500 dollar ticket though. but I will be eating nothing but noodles in April…)


  5. nosebag? i’ve got that beat.
    cummin. but i read it as cummin’. like, on her face, ya know?

  6. That’s all so wrong. I logged on at 12:00 on the dot after refreshing the page a million times, but it was sold out. So stinky.

    I’ve been trying over and over again for the last 30 mins like a demented idiot in hope of a miracle. No luck though. I thought the 2 ticket limit might help, but it seems that somebody had the inside track here.

    Interested to hear from people who actually did get lucky.

  7. same thing happens pretty much all the time in the UK these days. Ebay shouldn’t allow tickets to be sold it would make a huge difference.

  8. How does a guy get three pairs, easy? They are fake. It’s probably some dipshit with a color printer using photoshop and printing them on copy paper. And you know what, some idiot will buy it and discover soon afterward the fakeness. I laugh when that happens.

  9. I tried at 12:00 en punto but nothing so I ran down to irving and nothing… oh well, i guess i can’t be at every show. no way am i going to pay $200 for a ticket. I rather fly to england and see them elsewhere than irving….


  10. I was logged into my Ticketmaster account at 11:15 and started refreshing the ticket page at 11:56. As soon as the tickets were supposedly available, there were none. I kept trying and at 12:08 I was successful. I thnk this is my reward for not being able to get to the White Stripes in Coney Island because I just had a surgery.

  11. South is also playing Maxwell’s this saturday.

    and if your’e going to any of their shows, you absolutely have to see Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s….such a good record

  12. yo…. this is kinda nuts, for sure. i’m a fan of the stripes, of jack white, of rock in general and the loud, blues based kind specifically. i don’t live in NYC, so this particula show made no difference to me, but i have been in exactly the same position twice in the last four weeks.

    i fel for ya. i don’t think there should be any way to charge $200-$300 for a ticket to a rock show. Then again, if no one bought them no one would sell them. The tix game has gotten outrageous. I guess if you are lucky you can get one face value, if you are rich you can get one regardless.

    Or you could be the Allman Brothers and play for a few weeks straight at the same venue so everyone has a chance to see them.

    what’s a fan to do?

  13. South is playing in Hoboken on Saturday.

    eBay person: Forward that auction to eBay management. There are supposedly enforced limits on ticket mark-up there. They violated rules, and the auction should be voided.

  14. what’s a fan to do? well… for one, like a band because you actually like them… not when it becomes all cool to start liking them. i saw the white stripes play in 2001 on the hudson river pier and there was practically noone there. and it was a free show.
    just sayin.

  15. wow early white stripes fan. you are soooooooooooo so so cool. 2001?!, i wish i could be you.
    ok, you liked them first. congrats.

  16. According to the live nation website, The Muldoon’s are opening the show.

    not really surprising given their connection to white.

    will they be the youngest band to ever play irving plaza?

  17. #30, what i meant by my comment was that 2001 wasn’t that long ago, and it seems that as soon as the white stripes were branded “cool” , that’s only when people started liking them. i hate the fact that scalpers are now scalping tix for astronomical prices – it sucks. and i think part of that has to do with the fact that people want to see the white stripes just because someone told them they were a “cool” band. i hate that. i miss the days of the free hudson pier show and the free union square show!

  18. could they add another show?

    shit I got my white stripes ruler right here!


    I do remember the Hudson show, the sound was awful and the crowd was worse and it was the most packed I have seen a show there.

    Possibly my least favorite White Stripes show. The whole Central Park vs. Roseland thing comes in a close 2nd.

  19. yes the sound was awful at the pier show, but crowded? um, no. the gbv show at the pier was crowded.

  20. i got 100 tickets

    i am going to take 10 street gangs there. including coney island’s THE WARRIORS.

    i’ll be the one wearing a leather jacket over my naked torso


  21. #30, you shouldn’t necessarily assume that someone who didn’t like or know about the White Stripes back in 2001 but likes them now does so because they are now deemed ‘cool.’ I didn’t know about them back then because I live in the cultural wasteland that is S. Florida and I am in my 30s and I honestly not that tuned in to what is ‘cool’ (mostly, I don’t really give a shit). In fact, I didn’t start listening to them until about 2 years ago BECAUSE they were ‘cool.’ I purposely avoid hyped bands, because I find the bandwagon mentality to be obnoxious. But then I actually listened to them and I liked them, and then loved them. I came late to the party and if people want to lump me in with the ‘cool’ kids, fine, but I generally just stumble on to stuff whenever I happen to, and I am sure that is what happens to a lot of other people too. Doesn’t make them trendy.

  22. Do not fret Raconteur fans. I am also outraged at the prices on eBay but I was lucky enough to get a pair. Lucky being the key word. Seriously though do not fret for the album hasn’t even come out yet, meaning this is only like a pre-tour. So the Raconteurs in my estimation should be back over the summer… probably. So you guys have that to look foward to, eh?

  23. I am amazed at the level of hype the Raconteurs are getting. I am shocked this show sold out in about a minute. I know the White Stripes shows around here haven’t gotten this much attention. Maybe it is the fact that the CD isn’t out yet and people want to get a glimpse of their first U.S. show? I don’t know. I have been a skeptic ever since I heard the two singles. Nothing about it seems very unique. After listening to the live bootlegs, things do seem a little more interesting, but still doesn’t have the power of the WS. I guess I will find out April 7.

  24. my friend tried to get tix for us right at 12… nothing. but then about 10 minutes later he miraculously got 2. ticketmaster is fucked up. and the people on craigs and ebay are even worse.

  25. I kept trying, and eventually found a ticket at 12:20…you gotta wait for the people who don’t complete their sales.

  26. there’s got to be a way to end scalping. geez
    i had to be $100

    i specifically cut class in order to get tickets, i logged in at 12:00 on the dot, and i couldnt get any tickets.

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