The Editors Overtake Webster Hall

Want proof that I’m really an 82-year-old woman? It’s 11:45–45 minutes after the Editors finished their set at Webster Hall and I have already taken a shower and I’m writing to you from my bed, not taking part in the festivities of the after party. Yup, how cool is that? If you said “not very” you’re right.

I did manage to get some shots in the 2-foot wide photo pit, and later when I jumped into the one section of the audience that was actually dancing up in the front. The lighting was kinda awful. I think everyone would agree that being at that show was like being trapped in a kaleidoscope for an hour…or a Skittles commercial. The lights nearly made me go blind.

UPDATE: Ok here’s some more commentary on the evening. First off let me just say that the dudes who work at Webster Hall don’t know anything. I asked one guy how to get into the photo pit, and he sent me DOWNSTAIRS (????) then I came back and I was like “um, no the PHOTO PIT” and he was like “Oh go to the back and up the stairs.” I was like, “uhhh.. Ok.” Then I just decided to figure it out on my own (which I did) since I had a sneaking suspicion the way to the photo pit was not to hanglide from the balcony.

Anyways, I thought the show was “good”. For some reason the overall experience was not as exhilirating as it was the first time I saw them in January, but I think it had to do more with the evilness of Webster Hall than it did with the band’s performance.

They were full of energy–especially lead singer Tom Smith, who often flings himself around the stage in such a manner that the only comparison I can give you is that Tom looks like “Chris Martin if he was being electrocuted or set on fire“, but the set seemed so so short. “What?! It’s over?,” I cried after their last song.

On the upside, the 11pm ending allowed me to be in bed before 12 midnight, just how I like it…because I’m old inside.
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editors at webster hall

editors at webster hall

editors at webster hall

editors at webster hall

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editors at webster hall

editors at webster hall

editors at webster hall

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7 thoughts on “The Editors Overtake Webster Hall”

  1. No worries… Laura, I find myself doing the same thing these days… Going to shows and then skipping out on the after party and even the after, after party. In days past, I was out every night and still managed to be at work at 7:30 am and function in a high pressure job. Now, if i stay out past 2 am on a weeknight, I am gonzer for the rest of the week.. what happen to my stamina.. red bull does not cut it.. oh well…

    But good on you for still attending the shows and moreover being passionate about the music that you see. Ah, a true muse…

  2. i don’t know rach, i think the person’s hands who are holding the cd above the set list should REALLY consider that hand modeling job…

  3. i dunno rachel and sarah, i think whoever SHOT the photo should be a hand model…because obviously their fingers are magical. yup.

  4. You either have an amazing camera or an amazing talent in using a shitty camera… the shots look excellent, especially in B&W. Care to tell us what equipment you’re using?

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