Oh I Know…I Do

Oh yes. I totally know about it, but I’m not going to mention it yet because…well you know. If you have any idea about what I’m talking about, shhhh for now please. I’m very excited about it.

UPDATE: I’ve been getting some flack about this post, so let me just explain a little. This post was not meant to be showing off at all. I realize it’s not a “secret” but I’m absolutely DO NOT want to piss off fellow newsletter subscribers and loyal fans. Does no one remember the Beck fiasco? Hell hath no fury like a load of newsletter subscribers scorned. Especially for people who have public web sites.

And after the really sad crowd at the two Yeah Yeah Yeahs shows at the Bowery…I dunno guys. Sometimes I think the internet is a bad thing. Like a man buying a 20 dollar Arctic Monkeys ticket for 250+ bucks from Craigslist just so he can say he saw the Arctic Monkeys. (True story.) Or how about the time I won tickets to the special Coldplay concert at the Beacon last year and when I was leaving I witnessed these two DRUNK 30-somethings stumble out of the venue shouting and falling over on one another and bragging to everyone how they bought tickets off someone for over 700 dollars?

Meanwhile I’ll see kids standing out in the cold in front of the venue with a tote bag pinned with a Union Jack flag begging for a spare ticket that won’t cost them a semester’s worth of text books–just because they had to be in class when the tickets went on sale, or they weren’t lucky enough to snag a spot. I mean, that’s just not right. It kinda breaks my heart because I’ve been there.

And who knows, maybe I will be there again.

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  1. no it wasn’t. the show goes on sale on THURSDAY. you think this was gonna be a quiet onsale? Let’s not talk about the fact that it’s already on brooklynvegan which i would guess has at least 5 times more traffic than this shit blog.

  2. The way it is going to work is that everyone is going to push and shove for tickets and lucky one will get them. Good luck! Remember there are other good shows that night so maybe people go see Neko Case instead.

  3. the funny thing is that the anonymous person who seems to have issue with this site is working at VIACOM. V-I-A-C-O-M. now i know why they are so angry with the world.

  4. Laura you’re right! that IS SOOOOO funny!

    except, I actually love my job, and who I work for. Funny that.

    any more reasons that I’m so “ANGRY” with the world? I’m obviously not a youngster filled with angst. What else could it be?

    oh. maybe it’s just that you’re a fucking dolt.

  5. What is even funnier is that he insults you but he obviously respects you because he does read your blog. fucj him and let’s all rock out at this awesome show!

  6. maybe they just thought it was rude that you tried to show off, like it made you important. personally i like your blog but i found this post pretty obnoxious. it was just annoying that you tried to make yourself look good at other peoples expense – meanwhile, we all know about the show anyway, so you just come across looking silly. but like i said.. i generally like your blog so i dont mean to be insulting.

  7. She wasn’t trying to make herself look good, she was admitting she knew what was up to other uber fans, like herself, in the know. If anyone deserves this effing ticket it’s her.

    And Viacom, I’m glad you love who you work for so much you corporate slag. Who the fuck goes around calling people they don’t even know sluts, douchebag? I’d like to kick your sorry, worthless ass from here to kingdom come.

    Ok, I’m done.

  8. wait, i thought this was a “shit blog” written by a slutty dolt? not surprised you love your gig at viacom.

  9. Are all New York Rock Blogs populated by nasty, know-it-all phony purists? Poor bloggers can’t catch a break. This place has nastier comments than Brooklyn Vegan!

  10. Laura Laura Laura……again with the elitist comments.

    Get off your high horse…..you don’t deserve to be there more than any one else. Not more than the guy who paid 300$ for the arctic monkeys or 700$ for Coldplay. They deserve to be there just as much as you. Casual fans, fanatical fans, everyone deserves the same treatment. This is the elitist attitude that makes the music scene shitty.

  11. thats just ridiculous logic Laura. You’re assuming that the scalpers are the only people who wouldn’t know about the show.

    You would leave a lot of fans out in the cold with that kind of attitude. The ones who don’t follow every blog or issue of the village voice.

    It’s elitist that you think you’re above the casual everyday fan. Don’t pretend to make it about scalpers. it’s about you feeling that you “deserve” a ticket because you’re a better fan than someone else. And that, quite frankly, is bull-shit.

  12. for any of you anonymous people who have issue with my posting skills/ attitude, let’s just meet up in person. i can’t keep fighting like this via comments. this is getting retarded. i would definintely be willing to meet up. if you still think i’m this elitist crazy person after that, then so be it. at least you would have formed your opinions about me after actually having spoken to me, rather than just deciding what kind of person i am on your own.

  13. the bitchy posts sound like they’re all from the same person. what’s so difficult about signing up for a newsletter? the band makes it easy to keep up with what they’re doing. if you can’t be bothered, that’s your loss.

  14. yeah, i don’t see where the elitist criticism is comming from.

    as one of those students planing to use book/food money to get tickets, i appreciate how you handled the situation.

  15. Why do people bother posting comments if all they are going to do is shit on the blogger, or shit on the artist that is being blogged about, or shit on other posters? Geesh.

    Laura, you’re cool.

  16. Been laughing for ages throughout this post. It’s not a secret! Anybody signed up to the newsletter knows they are playing the Irving Plaza. I dont even live in the States and I know about it.

    It’s genuninely secret gigs like the last minute one with Dirty Pretty Things in Birmingham (England, not Alabama) or the second London show that I would pimp my grandmother for.

    Am trying not to be too smug cause I already seen them and all the secret squirrel stuff was a laugh, not a serious attempt to prevent those not ‘in the know’
    Besides Laura, it’s your blog and you can say what the bloody hell you like!!!
    Yay to Jack in the kilt though.

  17. this Anonymous tool needs to take a serious vacation… far away from this blog… off a cliff or something… and all this hubub over jack white!?! laura is making a really valid point. stop the hating.


  18. yeah, that was fast. I got one. 😛

    Oh oops. Am I boasting? God forbid. I might get my head bitten off by Anonymous now.

  19. damn i didn’t get one either. i just don’t understand. as far as i know there weren’t even any pre-sales. bastards! i was so excited.

  20. i left comment #19. im sorry – definitely wasnt intending to insult you or your character or the kind of person you are. i thought the post was rude, but like i said, i like your blog and meant it more as just an honest opinion but not meanness. again, im sorry, it was too harsh.

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