Links for 2006-03-27

Arctic Monkeys Get Cold Shoulder in the States
Brrrr…is it chill in here, or are the Americans just snubbing their noses at the Brits?

Up With Grups – The Ascendant Breed of Grown-Ups Who Are Redefining Adulthood
He owns eleven pairs of sneakers, hasn’t worn anything but jeans in a year, and won’t shut up about the latest Death Cab for Cutie CD. But he is no kid. He is among the ascendant breed of grown-up who has redefined adulthood as we once knew it and kil
The look, feel, and functionality of Microsoft Word, in a completely web-based AJAX platform. Try ajaxWrite today, and experience first-hand how AJAX applications are changing the way the web works, and redefining the software industry. Glasgow :: Editors
A sell out crowd welcomed the Editors to the stage bathed in a hazy purple glow. “We have been looking forward to this gig for a very long time!” shouted frontman Tom Smith. His girlfriend, Radio One DJ Edith Bowman, had even turned up for the event w

Celeb Titles Bulk Up On Web
Celeb junkies get the most current information from Web sites, blogs, and a bounty of entertainment TV shows. And given such a proliferation, celebrity weeklies are finding it increasingly difficult to be the first to break their stories in print.

Monkeys tamed by 500-lb. gorilla
Under Southwest’s massive weight, Arctic Monkeys’ buzz gets flattened

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  1. Interesting article in NY Mag. Although I do see it as rather pathetic that some “gups” try to be on top of the newest shit, I think the gender gap issue mostly has to do with the current generation’s failure to create thier own gig. At lease Gen X had thier own identity – grunge may not have been as significant as punk, but shit, it was something. That said, some of those guys in there are DILFs.

  2. I swear to God, if I hear anything else about the Arctic Monkeys, I will pull out my beretta and kill a bitch.

    The end.

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