Links for 2006-03-26

SNLfreak5104’s photos tagged with snl
This kid loves SNL so much–and he has the photos to prove it. So best!

Dark 2BR Loft? That’s Code for a Club
From former industrial lofts in Brooklyn to stylish pads in Manhattan, living quarters are being used as cash-producing spaces for under-the-radar parties.

Street Couture
How the maker of skater clothes appeals to picky customers and creates an exclusive brand.

Too Much Isn’t Enough
The supermarket-tabloid editor and author talks about why women should be greedy, the merits of messy houses and why we can’t seem to get enough of Britney.

4 Replies to “Links for 2006-03-26”

  1. Those SNL kids are adorable. All I see on music sites are indie hipster kids trying to be cool – it’s efreshing to see kids being normal and goofing around.

  2. Totally. I hate all the people that are all like “Remember when SNL was good?”. Cute kids indeed.

  3. Maybe his screen name should’ve been called “Rainbow Room Freak,” seeing how he takes a photo of anyone that walks by there.

    Btw, “So best?” Is that the slang hipsters are using now?

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