Links for 2006-03-25

The Emo Song
A song about what it’s like being emo

My Adult Foray Into Dodgeball
See that jackass about to wind up and try to cream someone with a dodgeball? That’s me.

New York City Social Sports Club
The NYCSSC exists to provide an easy and active way to have fun and meet new friends through entertaining co-ed team sports, most of which will be reminiscent of your years in the schoolyard or on the playground.

Adults getting their kicks, too
All across the city, restless twentysomethings and Generation X’ers are embracing that philosophy and recapturing their youth with kickball, dodgeball, manhunt and other playground favorites.

‘Dodgeball!!! ‘ for
Dodgeball is emerging into more than a sport de jour. Leagues are popping up across the country. The first collegiate dodgeball championship will be played this year in Panama City during Spring Break. And while children still comprise the largest demogra