Brakes Take Up the Annex

Earlier this week I mentioned that I went to The Rakes afterparty so I could see Brakes. And I did, but I didn’t write anything about it.

First off, the Brakes album was one of my absolute favorite records of last year, so go out and buy it. I always think fondly of that record because I when I received it had no idea that I was going to love it so much.

Anyway, I missed the Brakes performing at Pianos last year, so I was pumped that I was going to get another chance to see them at a tiny venue. When I arrived at the gig, there was a wall of dudes dressed in army jackets with buttonless pocket flaps, white sneakers, and dark blue jeans standing right by the stage–I tried to have a contest with myself to figure out which ones were actually British and which ones were just dressed like they wanted to be British.

When Brakes finally took the stage (an hour after when they were supposed to go on) they were…good. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but live, I think the song that works the best is their ironic dance anthem, “All Night Disco Party,” which kinda makes me sad because you kinda feel like sheepish rocking out to a song that’s basically a tongue-in-cheek razz to music that is just supposed to get people to dance.

Unfortunately they didn’t play “Cheney,” I would have loved to have heard what they would have done w/ that song now that the VP is a natural born face shooter. They ended their set with “Comma Comma Full Stop”–which they only played one time.

brakes at annex

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  1. That’s a shame the show wasn’t outstanding…Brakes were amazing at the two Pianos shows last year and really good at the Virgin instore earlier on the day of this show at the Annex.

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