45 Minutes of the Girl Next to Me Screaming “Love Machine” In My Ear at the Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys at Webster Hall in NYC. The set was short and sweet. The crowd was shouting out songs the entire set–most notably the people holding up the sign that said “Love Machine” (cover of Girls Aloud that they did on Jo Whiley’s Live Lounge) and the girl next to me screaming out “Love Machine, bastards!” through the entire set. And yes, there was a few moments when sections of the crowd starting singing football chants, but surprisingly no beers were being hurled into the air like they were during The Rakes.

Arctic Monkeys continue to keep their distance from the crowd, but singer Alex Turner did give NYC some love by saying he loves New York…”I wouldn’t lie to you” he said. And Webster Hall continues to serve beer to underage rockers.

There were plenty of clapboards spread around the stage–apparently we were being recorded for something…that had nothing to do with the KCRW signs that were plastered all over the venue. Apparently it was for Remote Productions Inc., who have shot shows like “My Sweet 16” and “Made”, does that mean MTV was involved? It was only as I was leaving that I saw the “you are being recorded” sign. Ooops.

Some of the songs they played (in no particular order): I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor/ A Certain Romance/ Mardy Bum/ Dancing Shoes/ When the Sun Goes Down/ Fake Tales of San Francisco

I was shocked to see the Monkeys actually making a vague attempt to connect with the crowd when they threw sweaty towels and used guitar picks into the audience at the end of the set. And I thought it was cool that they didn’t do an encore (unlike you, The Strokes).

arctic monkeys at webster hall

arctic monkeys at webster hall

arctic monkeys at webster hall

arctic monkeys at webster hall

arctic monkeys at webster hall

For more of my Arctic Monkeys photos, check out Flickr.

I should also mention here that the Spinto Band opened up. I got really dizzy trying to recreate the totally insane head banging motion that seems to be a requirement for all band members to do for at least 15 minutes during the show. It was like they were all being jerked around by the invisible hand of God pulling on their puppet strings. Seriously, how do they do that without getting sick?

Musically they were “eh”–pop pop pop with a keyboard. Am I the only one who thought that a band called the “Spinto Band” should be wearing suits and skinny ties? I love that they have to tell us in their name that they’re a band. It’s helpful because I almost got them confused with Spinto Garbagemen. Actually, I was kinda glad they were just a bunch of kids playing pop music, because suits and skinny ties is so 2004. From now on, no more bands who dress up like rejects from an Interpol audition.

Oh, and what was up with there being six band members, half of which play the same instrument? You know that at least one person up there doesn’t really do anything in the band. Gosh, and they looked SO YOUNG, and they all needed haircuts. Um…did I just instantly turn into a grandma?

Oh, and I could swear I saw Constantine from American Idol when I came out of Webster Hall. He was walking down the street, I have no idea if he was at the show. He’s a giant.

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16 replies on “45 Minutes of the Girl Next to Me Screaming “Love Machine” In My Ear at the Arctic Monkeys”

  1. Dang. I wish I went t Websters instead of the Coldplay concert in Rutherford. Since when did rock concerts become shows where everything is rehearsed and choreographed? mukk. I don’t care for it at all. This was my sixth (I know) Coldplay concert, and the worst one.

    And boy oh boy is Richard Ashcroft a bitter, old man. jeez. I was thinking about going to his show on Tuesday at Websters but that’s out of the question after his performance as a support act for the almighty coldplayers. He was all angry and bitter that no one likes him anymore now “that I’m not called The Verve anymore”. Well that’s because your solo material isn’t as good as The Verve material!!! And if it’s the name that’s the problem, then don’t change it!!! Give it up oldtimer! That was pathetic.

  2. Yup, that was Constantine alright. I saw him in the VIP area. From Bowie to this chump……….

  3. haha that’s so sad. i saw Constantine while i was existing and i thought to myself “HOW DO I KNOW THIS FACE” and i thought it was the guy from American Idol but i told myself that was NOT possible, but apparently it is…

  4. I totally second your thoughts on Spinto Band. Saw these guys in Chicago and their “headbobbing” was really annoying… Worse than the Patridge family…

    Arctic Monkeys kicked ass in Chicago as well…

  5. That wasn’t a football chant, whatever that is. We were politely requesting that they play the song Chun Li’s Spinning Bird Kick, off of one of their ep’s, by simply chanting “Chun Li.”

  6. saw the young chaps last night in DC – considering how much good natured moshing was going on they were really distant – didn’t seem like they were having any fun. Also, the last celebrity I ever thought I would see at this show – Lance Armstrong – who watched the whole show from the VIP balcony.

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