You Write the Caption: Jack White Wears a Kilt

Jack loves him some Scottish heritage…as you can see by this photo of the Striped one getting his kilt on during a recent Raconteurs show in the UK.

One small step for Jack White, one giant leap for kilt-kind.

jack white in a kilt

Although NOTHING beats Jack White: Bathing Suit Beauty of 2003.

PS- If you know the source of this photo, let me know. Awesometastic photo by Mike77 Drew Farrell from Retna.

33 Replies to “You Write the Caption: Jack White Wears a Kilt”

  1. to the fat obsessed anonymous responder who made no comment about the music because well, its not that great… and this is a discussion about what he looks like: boybands? hes fat is what i was getting at

  2. Mike didn’t take these. Drew Farrell from Retna did. He just gave everyone the impression that he took them.

  3. I wonder if he has any underwear on under his kilt. You do not wear underwear with a kilt correct?

  4. Jack’s family has been researched for 5 or 6 generations back and his ancestors were from Nova Scotia. You’d likely have to go back a bit further to get to his Scottish “roots”

  5. I heard he has living scottish relatives… and thats the first time he had worn a kilt since school. apparantly he was picked on forr wearing one.

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