Links for 2006-03-24

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Forget the Magic
For a moment there, amid a crash of guitar and whiny lyrics and rampant overdrumming, I though I understood what Yeah Yeah Yeahs was trying to do on the band’s new album "Show Your Bones." Then I lost it, and frankly never found that moment again.

Google Idol… unearthing the world’s talent…
Google video meets American Idol. Vote for your fave

Music hath charms for some workers others it annoys
Listening to an iPod at work is a trend that is music to some ears, but causes others to sound off.

YouTube – RENT
This is the stick-man Rent music Video

3 Replies to “Links for 2006-03-24”

  1. I luv you Mis M., but you are way way off base on Show Your Bones. If it’s a grower gove it tiem, don’t pooh-pooh it now.

  2. hi anonymous–i don’t agree w/ the content of that review… the description of the link was taken directly from the piece that was written–not my opinion! i love Show Your Bones.

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