The Beastie Boys at Union Square Theater

Tonight I got to go to a screening of the new Beastie Boys documentary, Awesome, I F*cking Shot That! at the Union Square Theater.

Note to those who plan on seeing it: Do NOT eat 1 and a half tacos with rice and beans 30 minutes prior to seeing this movie like I did–otherwise the first 40 minutes of the movie, with its shaky camera work, will totally make you queasy.

All in all I thought the movie was pretty cool. As you probably know already, the movie was shot in 2004 at a Madison Square Garden show by 50 fans who were given video cams by the Beasties. The result is a film that produces a true representation of a concert-going experience. That means bad sightlines, people crazy dancing, and camera work that looks like it was captured on the high seas.

It’s kinda like if you had 50 windows open to YouTube videos at the same time–totally baffling, yet totally loveable. There are some comedic moments produced by some low-tech video graphcs (like one scene where they superimpose footage of a girl dancing so it apears as though she and Ad Rock are having a danceoff) and some genuinely funny moments like the footage showing some dude going on a beer run in the middle of the show. (“I want two BEEEEHHHAAARRRRS!” he explains to the camera.)

In any case, after the movie ended, “three special guests” (aka- The Beastie Boys) popped through the side exit to do a short Q & A with the crowd. People just shouted out all sorts of random questions like “Do you guys play weddings?” “What is ‘Criters’?” No earth-shattering newsbreaks to report. Just stuff like, “Who do you guys like in hip-hop these days?” Mike D: Uhh…*smirking* there are many talented artist out there. “Who do you guys like in polka these days?” Ad Rock: There are many polka artists out there doing their thing. Polka is getting hot. At one point so many people were talking at once Mike D had to yell at everyone to settle down.

Here’s the world’s crappiest photo ever of the Beasties taken via my cameraphone:

beastie boys

Good times.

WATCH: Someone asking The Beastie Boys where the opening sequence of the movie was shot.

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  1. Dude, I didn’t know there were gonna be special guests! I’m on such a Beastie Boys kick right now i totally would have gone. Aw. Next time. Did they mention if theyre even up to anything? tour plan?

  2. Who would have thought that Bon Jovi’s awesome ‘Bad Medicine’ video had such a profound effect on the Beasties.

  3. I’m almost ashamed to admit this, but I was one of the people who “fuckin’ shot that.” There was a screening back in…January I think for thinkscreen people/the people who shot it. Hardcore beastie fans are nuts. $108 bucks and a listing in the IMDB. Haha.

  4. even though the beastie boys are long gone i wish they were back cuz they really know who to rock

    i love the beastie boys

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