14 replies on “Leprechaun Sketch = Brilliant”

  1. This is a sketch of none other than El Rick Haun’s ex-lover. He has lamented her disappearance for over a year. His tribute to her bearded love was recorded for Infinity Cat, same label as my favorite knuckleheads Be You Own Pet. You can hear it here:http://www.musicfansdirect.com/infinity/index.php?cPath=41
    or search it out at Infinitycat.com.
    I tell you this because we live in an age of miracles, but it’s not often you see one for yourself. 4leafs to you all.

  2. Jack White in a kilt! That’s how I knew she must be sick. Clearly Jack has been attending to more than his voice.

  3. You guys won’t believe this! The leprechaun sketch is up for sale on EBay! The NBC station is auctioning it off. I want that sketch so bad! If you go to http://www.wpmi.com they have a link to it. I’M WILLING TO DO ANYTHIING TO GET MY HANDS ON THAT SKETCH! MOM, DAD, I NEED A LOAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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