Links for 2006-03-23

Sondre Lerche at the Housing Works Used Book Cafe
With video

Google Evolves Into All-Purpose Web Site
Google’s financial section continues a philosophical shift that’s turning its once-pure Internet search engine into an all-purpose Web site that seems increasingly interested in getting people to stick around instead of sending them elsewhere.

Faking Out the Voice
Sylvester thus joins a long—and ever-lengthening, alas—list of journalistic fabricators, going back to the most notorious, Janet Cooke, whose 1980 story for The Washington Post on a kid dealing with Inner City life won a Pulitzer Prize.

Paul Bunyan, Modern-Day Sex Symbol
"Everyone else was chiming in about the products they use," said Mr. Martin, the advertising director for Vice, a lad magazine based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. "I was totally mystified. I blanked."

Map Mashups Get Personal
Platial provides a home for people who love quirky geographical information or just want to mark the locations that have meaning to them. Sign up for a free account, and you can start building and sharing personalized maps, complete with place markers, ta

Wired 14.04: You Play World of Warcraft? You’re Hired!
Why multiplayer games may be the best kind of job training.

Wired 14.04: START
David Heinemeier Hansson could be mistaken for a Gap model. The Danish 26-year-old’s blog is filled with glam photos of himself, his friends at parties, and his hot girlfriend. But Hansson is actually the first Google-O’Reilly hacker of the year (2005), a

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