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  1. Good thing their haircuts and outfits match! Way to catch the essence of rock and roll. You should go back and re-highlight words like “80’s angular rock” and “interpol”, put them in a box, bury them in your backyard, wait two years, then dig ’em up, and laugh at the absurdity of music journalists scrambling for the next big thing. At that point SWR and CYHSY might not matter either, but at least they’re creating something.

  2. i think you meant to reply to this post:

    but as to your comments, i don’t have a problem w/ CHYSY, but i’m just saying the singer of the Cinematics has a refreshingly pure and beautiful voice in comparison. As for SWR, you’ve GOT to be kidding me by saying they are actually creating something new and original. If you’re going to slag me for saying the Cinematics have what it takes to be successful in the same breath as saying SWR is creating something that the world really needs, I just gotta sit here and laugh.

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