Thank God Rakes Fans Don’t Bring Band Name Inspired Props to Shows…Otherwise I’d Have Puncture Wounds

Look ma, I went to The Rakes show and all I got was a man’s elbow knocking the wind out of me as it hit my chest cavity.

After having gone an entire week without seeing one live concert (or having interacted with actual humans in a social setting), I certainly was not prepared for the mayhem that ensued at The Rakes show at the Bowery Ballroom. I haven’t seen a crowd that rowdy in a while. There was an enormous amount of beer cups that went flying into the air during the show–when that stopped, whole pints filled with ice flew through the crowd–one even managed to smack Rakes lead singer Alan Donohoe right in the middle of his chest.

But the absolute best moment was when a brunette girl wearing a black t-shirt jumped onto the stage, raised her hands in the air, and then LEPT belly-flop style into the audience. Yes. This girl wanted to stage dive at the BOWERY BALLROOM. The saddest moment was when the girl finished her ride into the air and fell to the floor after no one bothered to catch her from her stage dive. Incredible.

Alan Donohoe has the Ian Curtis/David Byrne spazstic robot dance thing going for him (see below), and the band played an energetic, tight set that the crowd loved. One dude in the audience finally got his wish when they played “22 Grand Job” right before going off the stage (prior to the encore). That guy had been shouting “22 Grand Job” the entire set long, prompting Donohoe to heckle him throughout the show–making comments about is band not being just “one-hit wonders”. And I do believe crowd would have to agreed–The Rakes have certainly got a future.

Check out a great detailed review of the show (and stuff I can’t remember) over at Music Snobbery.

UPDATE: I was too tired to mention last night that an unfortunate concert-goer got a microphone stand dropped on her head during openers Towers of London. See the gruesome photo and read her blog entry right here. Link from Heart on a Stick. This has prompted me to dub the Towers of London with a new name, Towers of Terror. I really can’t speak to the quality of their music or performance since I didn’t see them, but as I was walking out of the afterparty last night (which featured a great performance by Brakes…more on that when I get to post photos) I saw a band of ridiculously dressed skinny white males walking my way and I instantly knew that they were the ToL. If their dress code is any indication, those dudes must be a bunch of dolts.

Oh snap, am I going to get a bunch of angry emails from ToL fanst? Eh, probably not–they’re all too busy dressing their concussion wounds.
the rakes at bowery ballroom

the rakes at bowery ballroom

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19 replies on “Thank God Rakes Fans Don’t Bring Band Name Inspired Props to Shows…Otherwise I’d Have Puncture Wounds”

  1. these past few weeks have been amazing. this show plus the boy least likely to at r&r were two of my top 20 shows ever….plus there was sxsw.
    too bad i’m failing out of school…
    awesome pics as usual!

  2. I tried to catch the stage diving girl. All I caught was her leg so at least her momentum was slowed down before she bit the dust.. But it was Moses moment, the seas parted when they saw her coming.

    What a fun show! I love those Rakes boys! I was happy to see everyone was enjoying themselves. But I do fear the reason life was sparked into the New York crowd was there was large contingency of brits in the room that evening. hence, the throwing of beer at the performers. A tradition I still not completely understand. Although I must admit, I threw a cup full at the Towers of London. Wanked exploded a whole bottle of water in my face….Fucking hell..

    I hope that people were taking notes and this trend of having fun at shows continues..

  3. I think I got the full blast of that exploding water bottle because I had the misfortune of being right in front of that full-of-himself fucker. Stole his other bottle before he could blow it up in my face too. And the people throwing full cups at the stage? I hope you know that those cups sprayed the first few rows and NOT the band. Thanks for the shower, guys.

  4. Well, I must have been behind you… It was a great shot.. Full on… But to be honest, I knew it was coming. I have seen them a few times in London. To their defense, they are actually very lovely guys off the stage. The lead singer likes to chanel a little Johny rotten when he does his thing.

    The funny thing is the guy that they went to strike out at during the show was chatting with them at the afterparty. And they apologized and apologized to the girl who got hit by accident. She had a little scrape but nothing drastic. I think offered her a free kick to the groin because she was hit in the head by his foot not the mike stand…

    It is not rock n roll unless some bodily fluid is spilled.

  5. Regarding the Tof London Noggin Assault: That gash photo and the bloodied Band-aid don’t appear to be from “a little scrape”… I’m generally not a litigious soul, but if I were that chick with the open headwound, I’d be dailing up Jacoby and Meyers right now.

  6. Well, I must have been behind you…

    Where you the girl throwing them the ‘v’ at the end? If so, then you were the one behind me.

    And the gash on her forehead doesn’t look like the work of a sneakered foot. The mic stand definitely fell over far enough to hit her, I was lucky to only have the wire smack me in the face.

  7. As to the cut – yeah, it’s not life threatening but it hurt like a bitch. and the only reason it hit me in the forehead not the face was because by that point of the performance, I chose to stare at the floor instead of risking getting spit in my face again.
    For the record, it WAS the mic stand not his foot. AND after the slimy tour manager tried to “talk things out with us” which amounted to nothing more than him trying to defend the band’s oh-so-punk-rock behavior and me demanding an actual apology from “Donny” I told him all I really wanted was to kick him in the balls. He complied. and then proceeded to hit on me for the duration of the Rakes performance.

  8. By the way, the “v” means f*** you in England…..

    And to the person who got the mike stand in the head, it looks like it hurt alot… i am sorry… i guess at least, it leaves you with an interesting story… once i got knocked out once at a show by iggy pop when he jumped it little hard into the crowd… it sucked butwhen i did come too.. iggy came over with the mike and told me to sing through the pain… i sang the song then ended up the rest of the concert in the med tent with a pack of ice on my head…i had a huge lump and was dizzy for the next few days… but my wound made quite the conversation piece…

  9. i got knocked smack on the head with a glass beer bottle 2 years ago on the dance floor when i was DJing at Filter 14. i ended up with a HUGE bump on my head–like the kind you see in Bugs Bunny cartoons. unfortunately, the event was not glamourous enough for a med tent!! but then again i wasn’t bleeding!

  10. for some reason a micstand from donny towers doesn’t seem to have the same cache as a concussion from iggy pop.

    mona forgot to mention how he spits on you when he talks. so charming

  11. I saw that Drunk bastard he looked as if he may have had aids all night 22 grand job what a penis…. the worst thing was he gave his business card to my girlfriend his name is simon charles

  12. what? i was at home pruning my bonsai trees. the rakes? i have some in the garden shed, thats all.

  13. The Rakes are playing on friday 05/10/09 at 229 for the launch of the Twisted Licks night (GT Portland Street) in London – ticket price £6 in adv from Ticketweb £8 on the door. Also Playing are The Bishops, Assembly Now, Man Like Me and many more.
    Gonna be awesome

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