Project Catwalk Gets a Winner

I just happened to think to find out who won Project Catwalk. Since I get burned CDs of the episodes from KF, I don’t really know when the show airs, so I’m a bit behind on this stuff. I haven’t seen the actual last two episodes yet, but now that I know who won, I really want to see it for myself. As you may already know, Mr. Matthew B (of “Project Cuties” fame) was one of the finalists.

But did he win? The spoiler after the jump…

Nope, it was Kirsty Doyle from Liverpool! I thought she was rather adorable, so I’m not completely sad that Matt didn’t win.

Long live the Scouse!

Well I guess since both Danny V and Matty B were 2nd runners up the Project Cuties playing field is even…the war still rages on, but the Brits in the comment section sure do love their Bowkett.

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  1. Horendous, the only thinf horrendous is your soul. He had beautiful hair (By this I mean matt)

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