Jack White Don’t Like No “Intellectual Copyright Infringement”

I know I’ve been lacking on updates since I wasn’t feeling so hot, so I’m hoping to get all this down really quickly–just the highlights. As far as I know, the only Jack White related things I’ve failed to write about so far is that The Raconteurs have a new Blair Witch-esque creepy video for “Steady as She Goes” (why ARE the cows running?) and the Jack White vs. Billy Childish war of words has gotten totally touchy.

It was reported last week that Steve Lowe of the Aquarium Gallery (who represent Childish) had created a mock boxing match poster cartoonishly depicting Jack and Billy getting ready to slug it out that the gallery began selling on auction site eBay. White’s lawyers put a prompt stop to the sale of the poster citing that the image was an intellectual copyright infringement due to the usage of Jack White’s likeness–which was taken directly from a White Stripes press photograph taken by Patrick Keeler…who happens to be in The Greenhornes, and on the payroll as drummer of The Raconteurs.

In any case, Lowe removed the auction only to set a new one up with a modified image of the poster (below). Now where a photo of Jack White’s face once was there is now a rudimentary artist’s rendering of the Striped One. So now if you win the auction of the new poster, you also get a version of the original. The current bid is at 50GBP and bidding ends on March 22nd.

The gallery is saying that half the money will go to Billy Childish, and the other half will be “converted into gold,” and stuck in a pot for Jack White to come and collect “whenever he’s next in London.”

jack vs. billy

Well! As it just so happens, Jack will be in London on March 23, playing the Astoria with The Raconteurs in their very first live tour. I’m sure some cheeky bugger from NME will try to ask him about this whole thing, so I doubt this is the last we’re hearing about this whole bizness.

But here’s some good news, you can check out the designs for the upcoming 4-city Raconteurs shows in the UK over at Animal Rummy. They very much follow the whole black and green, 80s/ Atari/ Video game vibe that can be found on the Raconteurs’ official Web site.

raconteurs uk tour poster

Also the Raconteurs will play August 4th at Lollapalooza in IL.

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  1. Nice article in the LA Times, Jack seems happy. Can’t wait to hear the whole album!

    That poster reminds me of the Warhol/Basquiat one.

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