Catch Me on Radio 1’s OneClick Magazine

I wish I’d been able to post this earlier, but Death Flu 2006 had me away from my beloved computer for the last 5 days or so…but better late than never, right? I’m here to tell you to be sure to check out my friend Imran Ahmed’s weekly radio show, OneClick Magazine, on BBC Radio 1 right here.

You should listen to every episode because Imran is awesome, but the special treat this week is that you can hear me talking with Imran about very important and newsworthy topics like skull & crossbones, Kidz Bop, and

It was recorded last week, so try this drinking game: Every time you can hear a sound that signals the imminent decline of my health in the broadcast, do a shot.

Go about 15 minutes into the broadcast, and there I’ll be. You can listen to the show through March 21. Be sure to note how I laugh at myself for actually saying “My Humps” on the radio.

STREAMING AUDIO: OneClick Magazine on BBC Radio 1

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