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  1. Billy Childish is a big baby. i have never heard a good comment leave his mouth in years. i used to be a big fan but i’m worn out by his hatred of man kind. if you think Jack moans you haven;t seen nothing compaed to this man. More power to Jack standing up to him. Billy was once voted the most bitter man in britan.

  2. amen. billy’s eccentric curmudgeon schtick is getting really old. jack should take note.

  3. jack needs to relax.
    i mean, there are 8th graders who do so much worse to other kids. i mean, it was just a stupid picture after all.

  4. Well if Jack hated name calling and such so much in school he should learn to ignore it-I am sure he has learned it only makes things worse. I do not want to belive that Jack would pull this as a publicity stunt for his new band and all but since I do not know him personally I must look at both sides of the coin.
    After reading the link about his taking in his wife’s cabaret show in Soho I must admit that I miss dirty garage rock Jack. The thought of Jeff Koons and Jack White watching the same show is just somehow so wrong…………:(

  5. perhaps that’s why he took down all his messages. that gallery owner and friend of childish insisted on dragging it out by selling that piece of shite photoslop poster on ebay. he’s the one looking desperate for publicity and cash.

  6. of course they want publicity for the art show. not that i like billy childish’s work. it seems the white stripes dont either, which doesnt really explain why they spent so long sucking his dick. oh yeah, something about them not knowing their way round britain without a map and appreciated his help or something.
    posters for most shows and clubnights rip off and take the piss out of somebody or other, and some people want to buy the posters. how is this any different? besides jack white getting all prissy cunty about intellectual property rights. lol. intellectual property rights. coca cola mustve told him about that one.

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