Think We Can Hook Lindsay Lohan Up with a Job at Best Buy?

I ask the above question based on an answer La Lohan made in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan. In the “Cosmo Quiz” she is asked who the hottest guy in Hollywood is and she answers: “Davendra Banhart or Johnny Depp.”

Too bad his name is Devendra Banhart.

Let this be a cautionary spelling lesson to all Devendra Banhart fans. Oh Lindsay, how sweet and misspelled…just like “Arctec Monkey“. Don’t you kinda wish that someone over at Cosmo could have “accidentally” made that “a” into an “e” on the quiz sheet?

“Whoops! My pen slipped and I just happen to correctly copy edit Lindsay Lohan’s questionnaire. Gosh darn it! Guess we’ll just have to print this without the typo.” 


26 Replies to “Think We Can Hook Lindsay Lohan Up with a Job at Best Buy?”

  1. dude, devendras name is hard to spell and seriously, putting him in the same category as johnny depp is baffling.

  2. you sure are hung up on people spelling things wrong. that’s funny considering you spelled floria “flora” twice.

  3. man. laura, you’re a fucking dolt. get a clue.

    it’s the editors, not Lohan, nice try though.

  4. did you look at the story i was walking about? the quiz was filled out by hand…i was assuming that it was written by Lindsay, so are you saying that the editors fill out the quizzes, not the celebrities themselves?

  5. it’s so easy to pick on other people, especially bloggers who are their own editors, essentially, and easily can make mistakes just as anyone else does. everyone should get over spelling mistakes, especially when it comes to names- who fucking cares if lohan misspelled devendra? i sure don’t and i didn’t even find it amusing. and picking on miss modernage herself for having made her own mistakes is just as lame. grow up.

  6. these days it eems like it’s easier to be a pimp than a blogger. i think all the misspellings are amusing in that “aww. haha” kind of way. i LOVE the arctec monkey sign i found. it fills me with delight because it puts things in perspective.

  7. WTF? LL is a DOMB BEYATCH and this situation is yet another proof of that. (daughter to father…now I can’t spell riiiigghhht..)

  8. in the same shop of the MOODY PEACHES i found the ARAB TRAP.. is it really mispelling? i’m starting to think that it might be a brilliant clerk that’s having good times labelling..

  9. who cares if Lindsay can’t spell, why are people even talking about her
    ? how does she even get jobs?

  10. I bet they’ve touched elbows in a playful manner. I bet they’ve purposely marked the wrong ethnicity on a survey about immigration before. I bet Lindsay has a cheese wheel for each month of the week and I bet Devendra eats them on the wrong years.

  11. LL is my big example, really loved her in the Parent Trap, she was smashing and with a good english accent for her age!
    Why is everybody attacking her? Because she became a grown-up? Or because everybody is following no talent Hillary Duff, who can’t hold on to a boy?
    Puh Leeze

  12. Laura, your post sure looks quite retarded by stating that:

    “she answers: “Davendra Banhart or Johnny Depp.”

    This is hugely misleading in that it makes people think that she answered it orally instead of in writing. Be more careful next time when you wanna diss someone, because all it does make you look st00pid at first, and sloppy later. And what you surely must avoid when dissing someone for misspelling something is MAKE SPELLING MISTAKES YOURSELF!!!

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