Arctic Monkeys: The Silent Musical Guest on SNL

Just happen to catch the opening sequence of SNL just but when it came to announcing the musical guest, the photo of the Arctic Monkeys appeared but there was absolute silence when it came to announcing their name. Ooops! Well at least they didn’t call them the “Arctec Monkey.”

UPDATE: The lads just played a spirited version of “I Bet that You Look Good on the Dancefloor.” Alex Turner wore a baby blue zip up sweatshirt. Bassist Andy Nicholson was bundled up in a black quilted winter coat. Drummer Matt Helders totally rocked a big ol’ pair of tinted aviator shades. But what was that taped onto his drum kit? “ASBD?” or is it “ASBO?” What does that mean?

(UPDATE ON “ASBO”: According to a poster on the Arctic Monkey forums, ASBO might stand for “Anti-Social Behaviour Orders“, a term familiar to Brits. ASBO is defined by the Crime and Disorder Act of 1998 as being “behaviour which causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to one or more people who are not in the same household as the perpetrator.” That would be an interesting choice of acronyms to put on a drumhead whilst performing on American national television.)

WATCH: “I Bet that You Look Good on the Dancefloor” by Arctic Monkeys on SNL

ANOTHER UPDATE: Second song is “A Certain Little Alex looked a bit tired in some of those closeup shots. Holy crap! Alex just said, “That man just yawned,” as he pointed to the audience in the last verse of the song. And woah, guitarist Jamie Cook just threw his guitar at the speaker, breaking the neck of his axe. Err…is it safe to say that the Monkeys were far from enthused by their experience on SNL?

WATCH: “A Certain Romance” by Arctic Monkeys on SNL

LAST UPDATE: And what was that?! While Matt Dillon was saying the thank yous for the night, Alex, Andy, and Jamie were huddled behind him talking amongst themselves, backs to the camera. Matt was standing next to Matt D wearing a red visor and still rocking the shades. Then when all the cast members were congratulating each other, Andy and Matt were just hugging each other, laughing. Oh boy…I wonder what’s on their minds now.

I just happen to read this article about The Vines right before SNL and in it was this most appropriate quote from Alex Turner about watching his first live gig–which was the Vines: “I thought, ‘That’s what being a singer is all about. When we play, I’ll do what Craig Nicholls does, be all spaced out.'”

That’s brilliant.

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  1. the links don’t work.

    “this video has been removed due to copyright infringement.”
    harharhar since when is simply watching something copyright infringement?

    laura can you get your lawyers on that?

  2. They rocked the joint to hell and back… ’nuff said. I happened to be flipping through and caught the 2nd preformance and my socks were rocked completely off. It was the time I had heard their music and now I’m a big fan. Some guy yawned and they woke him up big time, thrashed the place, and reacted in true rock and roll fashion. A breath of fresh air in todays terriblly sad music scene

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