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How To Edit 40,000 Photos In A Day
Selecting photos for US Weekly – and the 1.7 million readers who buy it, mostly on the newsstand – feels suspiciously like the post-Oscar water cooler chatter that happens in every office. The difference is that these editors are seeing the photos fir

Big in Finland, by Sarah Hepola
Conan O’Brien’s recent comedy bits about Finland earned him that country’s adulation; his trip there for a one-hour special—airing tonight—sealed the deal. What the unlikely matchup means for one Finn, and what it says about family.

Rockumentary, Gondry Style
Michel Gondry discusses the filming of Block Party — a new documentary about a Brooklyn festival featuring the comedy of Dave Chappelle and music by hip-hop stars Common, the Roots and the reunited Fugees. By Scott Thill from Wired magazine.

Try, Try Again
Jane Pratt just keeps trying for that comeback — and now she’s turned to Gwen Stefani for help. According to sources close to both parties, Pratt is in advanced talks with the "No Doubt" singer to start a women’s lifestyle magazine.

Urban Outfitters 4Q Profits Rise 31.5%
Urban Outfitters Inc. delivered strong fourth-quarter results Thursday, but warned it faces challenges this year as "a tectonic shift" in fashion trends late last year gripped its business.

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  1. That’s funny about Jane Pratt and Gwen, because Jane was hooked up with Gavin for a bit…but then again, who hasn’t been?

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