A Tiny Pictures Speaks a Thousand Words

Here is a tiny tiny version of the cover art for the new Whirlwind Heat album, Types of Wood, that was sent out in an addVice email.

According to the Whirlwind Heat official Web site, the photo was taken by Terry Richardson and the model is Susan Eldridge.

When I first saw this image I said, “oh no they DIDN’T!” But then I had to deal with the facts and admit, “oh yes they DID.” Richardson is known for his sexually charged outré photography, and I believe this cover shot definitely reflects his signature style. The symbolism is obvious–it’s a wood bat, and she’s…er…lovingly licking it–but is it too much? You decide.

whirlwind heat types of wood

On a side note, I’m absolutely amazed to find out that someone has a very pretty in pink fansite devoted to Susan! For more photos of Susan (not slobbering up a baseball bat), visit the Golden Fiddle.

UPDATE: Here’s the Mama bear version, as found on their PR company’s site. Thanks to Amber for the link to this thread.

whirlwind heat types of wood

11 Replies to “A Tiny Pictures Speaks a Thousand Words”

  1. Terry and Susan were dating for a while…I hear they are no longer though. whew!

    Perverted genius?….well he IS perverted. :^\

    on a side note…i’m wondering if it’s a good thing that you are absolutely amazed…lol

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