Sondre Lerche’s Astralwerks Office Performance

Tonight I was lucky enough to be invited to an intimate performance by Sondre Lerche at the Astralwerks office here in NYC, where he debut material off of his new album Duper Sessions.

It was the first time he was performing the material sans his band, the Faces Down, so he was admittedly nervous. On top of that, he was working with a new guitar he bought in Japan (that the seller said was American) that refused to stay in tune.

But as per usual, Sondre made cute corny jokes and sang sweet-sounding songs, so it was all good. He commented on how lovely it was to perform in a place that had so many posters of himself tacked to the walls and that he was very popular in the office building for some reason. The best corny comment was when he intro-ed his cover of “Night and Day” by Cole Porter by saying “Cole Porter…he’s like the new…Bravery.”

The Curses/ Minor Detail/ I’m Not From Here/ Once In a While/ Dead End Mystery/ Human Hands/ Everyone’s Rooting For You/ Night and Day/ Call It Love

sondre lerche at astralwerks office

sondre lerche at astralwerks office

sondre lerche at astralwerks office

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