Girl Crush of the Moment: Nelly Furtado

I still cannot wait until Nelly Furtado‘s new album drops. Anyone who has managed to get a listen of “Maneater” will agree when I say that the new LP is going to be so hot.

At age 27, still looks as beautiful as she did when she first burst onto the music scene 6 years ago with “Like a Bird.” The new promo pics reveal a more sophisticated look for the songbird, and thankfully no neon yellow eyeshadow anywhere to be found.

nelly furtado


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14 replies on “Girl Crush of the Moment: Nelly Furtado”

  1. she looks hot, but in a snobby Hollywood glam kinda way, what happend to that loveable hippie type girl she used to be…that was really hot…i dunno I guess i think shes hot either was, im so spineless…

  2. i loved her when she was that kind of hippie style you couldn’t really say if she was coming out of rio, or notthing hill or bologna.
    now she looks like jLo. me no like it.
    but i’m grateful there’s no trace of fluo makeup

  3. i went to the ‘source’. there are some good pics there, but it all still reminds me of a strange mix between monica and jLo.

  4. Nelly Furtado ain’t commercial trash, alright. So far I can’t remember any commercial-tended song she’s done besides ILAB and TOTL. And those were certainly not trash. She’s totally different from everything we have in the business nowadays and she’s hot in a very unique way.

  5. i know that 27 is not old…if so, i’d be in trouble. i just wanted to say that she looks just as youthful as she did when she was 21 and NOT a mommy.

  6. Don’t like the new look ! Don’t like the new style of music either, feels like she sold her soul to the devil! Its to much like the rest of little pop sensasions, Britney etc To bad shes not differencing her self from the pack anymore!

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