White Stripes: Live from Japan

I love hearing from people from other countries who read this site. One reader, Sae, lives in Japan and just saw the White Stripes. She allowed me to publish parts of her letter to me to share with the rest of you.

This is the first time I am writing to you. I am from Japan and a big fan or your website. As you know, Jack and Meg are in Japan now and I just wanted to give you some updates.

They did a special 30-minute show for a Japanese TV channel on Saturday March 4. I couldn’t go there but heard it was great and it will be aired sometime soon via satellite broadcasting. The set list of this show is already on the White Stripes website. (Minor point however: It’s written “Fugi TV “but it’s “Fuji TV.”)

I went to their show on March 5 and 6 at ZEPP Tokyo which has capacity for about 2500 people (standing) with some seats on the second floor. The first day (Sunday) was packed completely and the second day was about 90% full but all in all the shows were exiting and lots of people were clapping, jumping and dancing like crazy. Their shows were originally scheduled in January so we have been waiting for some time and the expectation was high and hot! And of course we got what we expected and more!

The only drawback was that the speaker systems were not robust enough for their bursting music and the sound got distorted at times but seeing and hearing them so close was such a such big delight!

The show on March 5 was longer (approx 1hr 35min) and I felt it was better with more mixed audience than the second night (approx 1hr 20min) but it was the first time for me to see the White Stripes live and both days were just GREAT, Wow!

As we are not allowed to take pictures at the show, I am sending you the links to the official website of SMASH (show promoter) where you can see the photos of Jack and Meg’s performances.



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  1. That seems a bit short for one of their sets. That and the fact that their message section is gone from their site, Jack’s baby coming, his new group………maybe it’s the end of the Stripes….:(
    …..and no matter what Jack does with his facial hair he always looks amazing!

  2. Man, I thought with the tache gone he would return to the Jack of Seven Nation Army video (best hair length on him ever).

    Raconteurs picture gave us false hope me thinks, he still looks bizzarre, if less like Zorro or a Musketeer now the tache is gone.

    As for the baby? Maybe it will be born in Britain as he will be touring in March, and is that not when it is due?

  3. hey guys … mm does anyone in here have the song I FELL IN LOVE WITH A GIRL ACOUSTIC version?!!?!? i’ve been looking for it but i have not find it .. so if u guys do .. plz send it to me..
    thanx …

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