The More You Ignore Me, the More Ubiquitous I Get

So I don’t really know anything about Fall Out Boy other than they sing the song that’s in that parody video and that they played a “secret” show at the Knitting Factory that people actually went to go see instead of The Strokes.

Now I’ve just heard about something called “Peengate” which involves photos of Pete Wentz (who apparently is the guitarist bassist in FOB) displaying a rather intimate part of his body which are spreading like wildfire on the internet.

The photos are up on Dlisted, but seriously, if you just ate, or have a fear of small oblong objects, DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK. Seriously, if you thought the MySpace worthy photos w/ a Morrissey poster in the background was bad, this is absolutely worse. For you, for me, for this dude Pete, for everyone. I probably shouldn’t even be linking this. Says Fo, “the wallpaper and morrisey poster makes this so worse.” Agreed.

The “not quite ‘good’ news but not really bad news” is Wentz’s is not of Durst-ian proportion.



Apparently the photos were *maybe* stollen off Pete’s Sidekick by a former friend, which makes sense because I give all my really close friends access to photos of my naughty bits. No I don’t. No really, no. NO!

EDITOR’S NOTE, JUNE 19, 2006: To anyone reading this post, I’ve started a new Web site: SO MORE, where I talk about Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, Taking Back Sunday and other bands of that nature, so please check it out if you like reading content just like this!
(Dlisted via ONTD)

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  1. Apparently Paris Hilton is petes Idol, and I think that pete just might have pissed off a girlfriend and that is how poor little pete was exposed to the cruel and unforgiving world. Boys and girls the moral of the story is to play nice with the opposite sex, just… don’t play on camera…

  2. I feel so dirty and used why oh why did I click on that link, my eyes oh my eyes…no im just kidding I think its embarrasing 4 him but its really not that er bad…no really…its not…

  3. ha ha ha..
    that’s a really narcissistic pic! i’m wondering why he took it in the first place!

  4. yha that really is nircissistic, and its a bit creepy too, i think he may love him self a little too much.

  5. You might want to fix your sources. While the pictures aren’t available any longer, it was all originally leaked on ONTD. Not DListed or Perez Hilton or any of the others claiming credit.

  6. hi maria. you folks should take up the sourcing issue w/ those other sites. i had no idea where the originals came from–i guess i was one of those folks who missed the original Peengate post.

  7. you guyd are so rude that dislike pete wentz he is a very nice boy and who ever does not like pete well you got a problem like your mama this needs to STOP NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would be so imbarrased if that was me on the internet but i am saying this now >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>IF THE PERSON WHO PUT THOSE PHOTOS OF PETE WENTZ ON THE INTERNET BETTER TAKE THAT DOWN I NOW YOU NAME TO ITS CHRIS YOU PETE WENTZ PERVERT HOW DARE YOU FISRT OF ALL I DO NOT NOW WHY YOU WERE TRYING TO TAKE HIS GIRLFRIEND AND YOU ARE GETTING PICTURES OF HIM NUDE DUDE YOU HAVE A PROBLEM AND YOU ARE PROBALY GAY HOW COULD ANYONE TRUST YOU CHRIS I HAVE YOUR NAME ON THE INTERNET SO EVERYONE NOWS IT IS YOU ,YOU PERVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF ANY ONE AGREES WITH ME WRITE BACK ONE THIS WEB SITE thanks to all the pete wentz fans you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Old news, but I thought I’d just leave a little comment. Pete is the bassist, not like it matters too much though, just thought I’d point it out. Now uh, why is there a link to it? And why has nothing been done to take the pictures down? We gave the more daring fangirls enough time to click and save, anyway.

  9. I love peter louis kingston wentz no matter what! I think it’s sad that Chris had to put the pictures on the internet… i mean how childish is that? He must be jealous of pete to go through all of the trouble bashing him. I don’t care what anyone says we all do stupid things and some of us have to learn the hard way and in this case pete does. I still love him and fob f-ing rocks!

  10. you are so hott pete. my friend thinks so too. expecially on the video of a little less six candles a little more touch me

  11. Pete Wentz is a gorgeous loving man and if there was no pete wentz than there would be no fall out boy and me loving fall out boy if u listend to them they have great lyrics u could learn from them but ne ways the size of pete wentz dick it doesnt matter he still is gorgeous and i would love him even if he didnt have a penis..haa jk..but ne ways i still love him because he is gorgeous and handsom and such a great singer/bassist/writer he has a book out and its good he went threw alot when he was younger he almost died from overdosing on pills I couldnt live with myself if there was no pete in this fucking messed up world but hey guys dont hate because u dont want to seem jealous dont u??and girls dont like jealous guys so LAY OFF PETE(TO THE PEOPLE THAT ARE HATING ON HIM)


  12. well i supose any publicity is good publicity, dude he’s had a bit aof a crap time lately, first that oh so mysterious OD, secondly that dive at the “secret” gig, and now stupidheychris doing this!
    Not that i’m biast or anything and am sitting here thinking petr is the best human ever th walk this earth! oh yeah and if by an amazing amount of bad luck u havent seen the ‘sixteen candle’ vid yet, he looks amazingly hot in that too.

  13. OMG… YOU ARE SO HOT. WE are your biggest fans.Alesha is going to see u in concert so and i hope you write me back asap.

    Alesha Howington& Rachael
    WE LOVE YOU PETER WENTZ (pete wentz)

  14. I tottaly agree with georgia Chris is a perv i knew it was him 2 he probaly is gay if you get the “My heart will always be theb-side of my tongue” he asks pete to hump him and make noises but pete does it but dosn’t really look like he wanted to do that and Chris why would you do that apparently he didn’t want to have thoose pics all over the internet and i totally feel hs pain because my friends dared me to lick a pic of pete with his clothes on but by his penis area and a bitch took a pic of me doing that and posted it on the internet all the peeps at school made fun of me but me and him share the PAIN!!!!!I love PETER 4 EVER!!!Peter fans rule the universe EMO LOVE

  15. why is this dude doin this… hes famous so y bother… tht jackass wll hav shit loadsa money soon… but i didnt mind a luk n he still hottttttttttttt id still love 2 meet him even tho hes an asshole..

  16. Ok just saw Pete’s dick and i have to say that it really ain’t anything to be ashamed of is it? cause its not like small or anything but anyway that ain’t the point why wud this Chris guy do somthing so childish because it really did back fire on him cause it isn’t somthing pete should be embarassed about anyway the only thing that worrys me though is the morrisey pic in the back ground was he trying to get one of to while looking at morriseys pic or sumthin bit creepy but i think it just made the thousands off girls including me fancy the gorge pete even more don’t u agree girls?

  17. OMG First of all people really need to get a life and stop worrying about others lives. Pete is a grow man and can do whatever he wants!!! I think that people give him a hard time bc they wish they could be him. About the pics, ummm well his like any other guy I know. It’s a penis people!!! It’s not like guys don’t take nudes of themselves all the time!! The only reason people think it’s bad that Pete did it is bc the pics leaked out onto the internet!!! I think that Pete is awesome!!! His so HOT and his really smart and kind!! People just need to back the FUCK off!!!

  18. pete ur the best ive seen, i do not love u for sex, but ur talent…ur verry kewl and ur music rocks. i hope sumday u can find a way to do sumthing bck…but a lil less exposed if u know what im saying…keep with the music, u rock dont ever quit! we all love u!

  19. Okay, why don’t we all leave him alone. Obviously some phyco put the pictures out there, geeze. Let him play his music, leave his nakedness alone.›

  20. I love Pete Wentz, and I think that it’s really sad that some one had to put that picture out there cuz he is a really awesome person and no one should have to go through that!

  21. i love pete and if he wants to take naked pics of hiself on HIS OWN FREAKIN sidekick then let him . and it is really sad that people have to exploit other freakin awesome people like pete and if he would have quit fall out boy i would have gone psycho on someone. but this makes pete a stronger person. so leave him alone.

  22. i love Pete Wentz!! i dont care if those pics are on the internet or not!! i dont care!! i love him he is sooo hott!! who ever doesnt like him then screw off!! you guys have no business posting comments on this website!! im with you georgia!!

  23. that’s so over rated! i love pete wentz…and not because of those pictures. people need to get out of his f*cking hair (no ounn intended.) it’s not like HE put them up there. that PROVES he isn’t thinking too much of himself. only tommy lee does that sh*t. i feel bad for pete…he gets too much publicity.

  24. Hi Everyone Pete Wentz Is Really Cute Those Pictures arent really a big deal so what

  25. Hello people that was nasty why! why? clicking that link was not a good thing to do , so kids please dont go there!! never again…
    Fall Out Boy still rock and he’s still cute but nobody asked to see that.
    Bad move Petey!

  26. pete you r fit and you no it. im pround of you hitchin up with ash simpson. she’s no hoy chick

  27. pete you r fit and you no it. im pround of you hitchin up with ashley simpson. she’s one hot chick not 2 keen on her sis lyk

  28. wish the pics were there i was gonna show me mate. pete ur sooooooooooooooo fit i luv ur tats i want some when im older can u recomend a place??

  29. wow! that is soooo nothing u gotta b embarrased bout! k CHRIS wat da f*k waz u think n homo!dam!!!!! i love u pete and u should never quit FOB cuz diz world would b noting without u PEACE!!! *_NESSA_*
    P.S. i loved u before those pics so just b glad u gots more fans l8er!



  31. please have respect!!!! shut those pics down man!!! nobody wants to live this… its private what the heck is wrong with you people these days!!??? I love Pete and this is so stupid!!! a reall fan would just delete it and forget about this story as fans we have to show him that we respect him and that those pics are out of our computer for good and we should do something to make those pics disapear and let only Pete have them like suppose too… if your a real fan than damn shut and delete all those pics down!!!!!!

  32. Omg u r so fit. i love you so much man. Your the best out of fall out boy. u realli are one of the fittest people that i have eva seen. i wish u were mine hehe. Iam a big fan of urs


  34. omfg!
    Theese pictures are an invaison of privacy! whoeva stole theese from his sidekick should be full on ashamed and if i ever find you only god knows….. this has really peed me off and upset me, i mean, yeah every one wants to see that, but HE didnt want people to see those pictures, i actually know that he was drunk that night coz it sez so on his celebrity dog watchers page (btw have anyone seen hemmingway, petes dog?!? sooo cute!) and he was a little bit upset about this himself but still, it was an invaision of privacy and all of you that actually enjoyed looking at those pics (i just saw one, that was enough to make me disgusted) i think you are sick and perverted, and if it was chris who leaked thoses then god save you!

  35. if u lot really gave a f**k about these pics being up u wud stop writin messages an showin interest by leavin comments,at the end of the day the more views and comments left is just a bigger xcuse for the web to keep the pics up there an i cant believe sum sicko’s get off on lookin at them pervs…….

  36. I am quite sure it was Chris. He wanted to get back at Pete. So he did and oh no an explosion of embarrassment. Everyone saw Pete’s Unit.

  37. Yes you can still get those photos go to msn live search
    you type in nute pete wentz then scroll down and find!!!…… something like that clik on it then scroll down then theres the pics. and his dick is very sexy by the way its pretty big but ive seen bigger in real life

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