33 Replies to “Complete This Sentence…”

  1. Holy shit his eyes aren’t actually bloodshot…thats like Julian Casablancas giving up drinking…ohh

  2. a loser who cancels a european tour when he breaks a fingernail. ok, so it was because he went to rehab. but i thought he lived there, so what’s the big deal?

  3. overhyped! its e-stories like this that keep crack money in this snaggletoothed, piper’s pocket.

  4. his guy is so nasty it makes me wanna shoot myself in the face so i never have to look at him again…like honesly…lets just all shoot herioine into peoples arms when they are unconcious cuz we r cool like that


  5. this guy is so ugly…if you think that he is hot then that just proves that u r fucked on drugs too…u would have to be to think that thing is sexy…..u r all fuckin crackheads

  6. You are all morons.
    Like one person said, Pete has more talent in his little finger than the rest of you silly retards.
    You know nothing about him ,his life, his struggles, his past.
    i love pete:) x

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