9 Replies to “Chloe Wins Project Runway”

  1. I was disappointed overall by the collections. And ironically enough, Kara had gotten the most and most positive press for hers.

    Santino’s collection was too watered down, which sucks for him since he just toned it down like the judges always told him to do. And Daniel V. will be great someday, but I still think he’s a bit overrated. He had gotten a bit cocky too, which surprised me.

    I like Chloe, but she just wasn’t innovative enough, IMO. She was good with direction and consistent, but I just wasn’t wowed. Either way, I’d say congrats to her.

  2. I think that Dan’s collection had too much of the plain, conservative, rich bitch thing going on… so for me i thought it was between chloe and santino. They had they most Talent, but I am very suprised that Dan didn’t win because the judges seemed to like him a little too much. I think they all had a lot of talent though, congrats Chloe… MAKE IT WORK, AND OH YHA, WHERE THE FUCK IS ANDRAE`???!!!

  3. I was really pulling for Santino. I thought, aside from a few pieces (like the one with the leather corset? what the fuck?) his collection was fantastic.

    Top Chef was pretty boring. Here’s to hoping it gets better. That guy they kicked off was such a jackass.

  4. i don’t get bravo (sob) but i do get upn (hurray!)
    from season 6 of antm i like: kari, leslie, mollie sue, kind of brooke, and i LOVE nnenna. everyone else should just be kicked off now.

  5. I think Santino was robbed, and how could a leather corset/jacket be too safe. Whatever.

    Chloe worked hard, and Dan V. made clothes for his conservative parents, so blah. Congrats to Chloe.

  6. I think Daniel V had the best collection, he used different materials and he had the most range from a shift to pants to skirts to dresses to jackets….Chole’s pieces were all the same and ugly as sin….Santino is not half the designer as Daniel and Chole…he should not have been there….not only were Daniel’s pieces the best …he also won the most challenges, which I think the judges did not take into consideration!!!! Bad judges Bad judges!!! Debra Messening had no business being a judge, she keep saying what is the story your designs are telling me….give it up Debra.

  7. Chole was the worst santino was the best this is just bullshit fuck chole she said she didint know if she wanted to be their santino always did the best he could this is fucked up for sure

  8. Dude, I was so happy for Chloe. She had the best and most cohesive collection. Every piece fit and worked. Stunning – she really does know how to design for women and I loved the 13th dress she had to make. I think the judges were a little harsh and contridactory with Santino, but oh well. The right designer won.

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