Best Buy Doesn’t Sell “Arctic Monkeys” Album

Today I was out on Long Island for a dress fitting. That’s because I’m a bridesmaid in my friend Amanda’s wedding NEXT YEAR. Since I’m not getting married any time in the near future, all this bridal stuff is totally foreign to me. Buying a dress for something that’s not until 2007 still does not compute in my mind.

Anyway, since I’d already spent an hour or two at David’s Bridal, ate lunch at PF Chengs (The Cheesecake Factory was too busy!), I decided to go suburbia overboard and stop by the nearby Best Buy…which took me 20 minutes to get to in my car even though it was only about 5 minutes walking distance because shopping malls on Long Island have the most retarded parking lot systems EVER.

I headed into that monolith of a electronics and music store, Best Buy, and searched for the Arctic Monkeys CD since I hadn’t bought it yet. I headed toward the “A” section and saw “Air”, “Antony and the Johnsons,” but continued to look for the Monkeys.

I found “Arcade Fire,” but no “Arctic Monkeys.”

“Hmm…It should be riiiight her–Oh.”

Then I realized that there’s a pretty good chance that Best Buy employees do not have to take a spelling test or have a subscription to NME to work there…but hey, I do love me some “Arctec Monkey” every now and then.

arctec monkey at best buy

This photo is going next to my other cameraphone snapshot of the “Von Blondies” in the Virgin Megastore in Union Square.

14 Replies to “Best Buy Doesn’t Sell “Arctic Monkeys” Album”

  1. Yeah, well at least they have “Arctec Monkey” there.. the guy at HMV in Barrie, Ontario thought I was making up a band.. and then he laughed at me..

  2. haha!!
    & i’ve decided that i definitely prefer your site to especially since they didnt have reviews of any of the 3 Strokes shows!

  3. My store had it. As far as those tabs, I worked there, and those are made store to store, just some hooplehead who cant spell.

  4. the first to know about the editors?
    nick, are you from some time machine? if you are, i guess you ‘tuned in’ an year late.

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