Third Night’s a Charm?

Believe it or not, I did not go to the Strokes show tonight. (Look, a girl’s GOT to rest sometime.) But I did hear that Har Mar Superstar came out during “Under Control” and according to Rachel, Nikolai “proved he was human” by 1) bopping his head and 2) climbing a ledge during the performance.

Oh you crazy kids! How did it compare to the other nights? Set list, anyone?

Also check out these photos of Julian and Drew with a fan who went to last night’s afterparty.

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  1. I thought the show was ok. The crowd was into it for the first half, then got out of it. i dont like the new album and they played a lot off of it. Drew Barrymore, Jimmy Fallon, and David Cross were standing next to me, and since about 90% of the crowd focused on them i assume they thought the show was just ok also.

  2. aw, which songs off the new album? i wish they had done more of the new stuff on the nights I saw them. I think First Impressions is better than Room on Fire

  3. Juicebox, Vision of Divison, Heart in a Cage, Razorblade, Ask Me Anything, Red Light, You Only Live Once, Fear of Sleep(i think, could be wrong)

  4. No words for the show tonight, it was just awesome. There was soooo much energy n mayhem. Moshpits and crowd surfing, it was nuts. The audience was great. Best concert Ive been to.

  5. Out of all three I thought this was the best. Where I was standing the crowd seemed to be the most enthusiastic and everyone seemded to know the words. heres the exact setlist of tonite:
    1.You Only Live Once
    2.Red Light
    3.Juice Box
    4.The End Has No End
    6.Heart In A Cage
    7.Under Control (W/ sean from har mar superstar singing with julian as a duet)
    8.Razor Blade
    9.Alone, Together
    10.Life’s A Gas (Ramones)
    11.Whatever Happened
    12.Last Nite
    13.Hard To Explain
    15.Ize Of The World
    16.Trying Your Luck
    17.Barely Legal
    18.Ask Me Anything
    19. Vision Of DIvision
    20. Reptilia
    21.NYC Cops
    22. I Can;t Win
    23. Take It Or Leave It

    and for anyone interested here is the eagles of death metals setlist for all three nites:
    1.Bad Dream Momma
    2.Dont Speak
    3. Whore Hoppin
    4. Boys Bad News
    5.Move In The Night
    6.English Girl
    7.So Easy
    8.Kiss The Devil
    9.I Only Want You
    10. Speaking In Tongues

  6. i stood in the land of giants. honestly it seemed if you weren’t 6’5 you didnt belong. plus they were hipster snooze fags. >:O

  7. I too thought the show was unbelievable. also Drew, David and Jimmy were right next to me but i wasnt focused on them nearly as much as the strokes. the crowd was so into it kids were crowd surfing and mosh pitting shit i havent seen in years. one of the greatest shows ive seen in a while

  8. Ben Kweller was next to David Cross is anyone noticed. I too was paying attention to them a lot but I thought the show was fuckin awesome. People really need to stop walking back and forth between bands, all I was doing all night was moving to let people through.

  9. Oh also Im upset I didnt get to hear Soma or The Modern Age, both times I saw them they didn’t play either of them.

  10. absolutely unbelievable show. I was right up front and didn’t see any of the celebrities attending i guess but the energy was insane. You could tell julian loved it because the crowd loved it. and nikolai was uncharacteristically energetic at times too.

  11. – laura, you know you might want to inquire (check out “treetops”). I was at Wednesday and Friday nights, too – 14th time seeing them (friday seems like the best set out of the 3 nights at hstein, although no “razorblade”). Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would love a song like “reptillia” live. I’m just pissed they didn’t cover “clampdown” again (probably one of the best songs ever). btw, I’m in love with you.

  12. i did all three shows…. i agree that friday was the best night musically by far… although i did love seeing har mar superstar on stage with julian… it is like that movie twins with danny devito and arnold shwartznegger when they were on stage…

    there seemed to be a bigger group of vips in the boxes last night but most of celeb people there you would see hanging with them on thursdays at black and white or 2A/movida on tuesdays..

    last night was good… julian was a little more playful… sobriety or partial sobriety has made huge difference… he used to be soo incoherent.. he seemed to get over his stage fright… he told me once that he would throw up before shows if he did not get drunk because the crowds overwhelmed him so…

    i had a great time but i was stuck in mezzazine with bunch of steakheads who kept getting caught for smoking, smashing into me in non dancing way and then by the middle of the show passed out in their seats. they had to be woken up from their stupor by the stewarts at the end of the show… although i did get to witness the lightshow in its full regalia… it is hard to get the full effect when you are smashed up front like i was the first two shows… it was kinda cool but i think i like their lightshow before when lucas did the lights… it kinda accentated the fact that they do not move much on stage when they play rather than to distract us from the fact…

    before they started their tour ryan mentioned that they were thinking having two secret shows at a small venue one to kick off the us tour and one to close the us tour… the first one which was planned to be three shows in day at different venues in the city and brooklyn did not happen because of a logistical problem.. so i am wondering if they are still planning the other secret show in the spring… it would be nice to see them play at the bowery or even better a tiswas at annex with their newly aquired sense of showmanship…. who knows? cross your fingers…

  13. and nikolai was uncharacteristically energetic at times too.
    EXACTLY, joe. i kept watching nikolai and was like “oh man he’s real!!”
    they must’ve really loved last night…and it was unbelievable.
    i don’t understand why people thought friday was the best; that was the worst strokes show (out of 13) that i have been to. oh well different opinions i guess!

  14. Laura, I shot these vids with the sony t1. It has 2 mics and has the best mpeg quality video. The still aspect of the camera is very limited by the small flash. Sorry for flooding your blog, I should probably get my own.

    Under control w/ har mar.

    Last Nite

    The Modern Age

    Ask Me Anything

  15. Under Control = amazing, but…did Julian ‘yeehaw’ at the end of it or was I hearing things?

  16. hey those are my pics hehehe it was a fun two nights and i knew my boy jimmy was there who i met a while ago when he was still at SNL. STROKES ROCK!!

  17. indeed…. nikolai was very energetic! my friends and i kept blowing him kisses from the first row and he jumped down right next to us! most amazing concert i have ever been to!

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