I’ll Admit It–I Jumped Into a Mosh Pit Tonight at the Strokes Show

So sue me, but I love jumping around like 14-year-old girl at Strokes shows. Despite the fact that I was dead sick, I decided to try making it through the show. Not only did I make it through the show, I was jumping up and down so much that sweated myself into almost overheating!

Some other funny things I noticed at tonight’s show:

The guy on the left side of the 3rd balcony (Albert’s side) got really crazy toward the end of the show and spread his legs apart, balanced his butt on the chair, put his right hand between his legs–holding a cup of beer, and started to air hump the bar in front of him.

The girl in the 3rd balcony (Nikolai’s side) holding up the posterboard sign through the whole show that said, “CONGRATULATIONS ON BEING SO FUCKING AWESOME!”

Drew on one side, Amanda, Juliet, and Catherine on the other. Others: Ryan Adams (who reportedly pulled a “But I’m Ryan Adams!” in an attempt to get into a VIP area) and Joaquin Phoenix

The girl in the front row of the 1st mez wearing a freaking Interpol t-shirt.

The guy directly behind her in the blue pullover who kept jumping throughout the ENTIRE SHOW. Awesome!

Julian saying, “Yeah, haven’t you heard? We do encores now.” during the encore. [Thanks idioten]

The Modern Age/ Heart In a Cage/ Red Light/ Juicebox/ The End Has No End/ 12:51/ Whatever Happened/ Hawaii Aloha/ Ize of the World/ Life Is a Gas/ Soma/ I Can’t Win/ Alone Together/ Last Night/ Hard to Explain/ You Only Live Once/ Someday/ Trying Your Luck/ Ask Me Anything/ Vision of Division/ Reptillia. ENCORE: New York City Cops/ Barely Legal/ Take It Or Leave It

the strokes hammerstein 06

Also, watch my short little silent movie of Wednesday night’s show. I took it with my crappy little Coolpix 885 that I bought in 2001 that doesn’t do sound. Which brings me to the question, do you have a recommendation for a small compact camera that does good video with sound or a small DV cam? I’ve never really been into video, but now just doing that little video makes me want to do more!
WATCH: The Strokes @ Hammerstein Ballroom, March 1, 2006

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  1. no heres the setlist for tonite
    1.The Modern Age
    2.Heart In A Cage
    3.Red Light
    4.Juice Box
    5.The End Has No End
    7.Whatever Happened
    9.Ize Of The World
    10.Life’s A Gas (Ramones)
    12.I Can’t Win
    13.Alone, Together
    14.Last Nite
    15.Hard To Explain
    16.You Only Live Once
    18.Trying Your Luck
    19.Ask Me Anything
    20.Vision Of DIvision
    22.NYC Cops
    23.Barely Legal
    24.Take It Or Leave It

  2. you have no idea how much i cant wait for them to come out to australia!! it sounds so freakin awesome! wats wrong with wearing an interpol tshirt??

  3. did you see ryan adams throw a hissy fit when they wouldn’t let him into vip where cat and amanda were? he totally yelled at the two security guards and pulled a “but i’m ryan adams!!!” and they still wouldn’t let him on the lowest tier, so he threw his coat on and harumphed away.

  4. congrats to you. i could only make it through heart in a cage before the guy 6’1 230 was going to mash me into the ground. i never leave the front, but the push/mosh pit was not my bag. so i ended in the corner over by juliet and amanda. it was great having a little bit of space. just got my tix to the borgata.

  5. thanks for the setlist.

    missmodernage: I think the correct quote is: “yeah, haven’t you heard? we do encores now!”

    thanks again for an excellent blog!

  6. Laura, under what name do you write music articles? like in the real world, not just here. How can we read up on your articles in print?

  7. I hate to say this but despite the awesome lights, the greatness of the strokes as a band and the super sick sound they laid down, STROKES “fans” Need to get over themselves. Everywere i turned some jerk had some dumb shallow simple minded crap to say and I m sorry this is a ROCK AND ROLL concert not muppets on ICE. “So don’t teach me lessons,” Ive never been to a show were people try to belittle you not even knowing for a split second who you are. I have to say though i was upset at these so called ‘cool’ kids, I have never had such a good time rockin the hell out. the pit had some strange energy but the lights and the sound kept it alive, I mostlikely bumped into you miss modernage, I was wearing a newport shirt that says “alive with pleasure.” Anyway I hope I didnt offend anyone but last night I got my feelings hurt by alot of people who need to think before they talk because it sounds stupid, I really do not think any of the stroke would disagree if they herd some of the lame crap i did. And maybe it was unfortune on my part that a ran into childish lame-o’s, but its a rock show and if you got floor general admission tickets, don’t act like your space on that floor is your own or like you are more important than myself, lets just quit the nonsense and have a good time appricating great music at a great venue. STOP BEING TOO COOL its a reflection of how completly uncool you are. But all negative aside, and which i constantly remind myself once I said to myself fuck these prom queens and sophmoric feebleminded i need an aspiren befor you even breath on me kids, That show was great. The most important was that I decided instead of letting everyone ruin my time there which was what i guess they thought about me I rushed to the front like a real rocker and found much love with the hardcore jammers. Though my back is killing me from the push and shove affect, I rather know that my back hurt from doing what I came to do that let others put me down. SO next show anyone here goes to just remember before you say something ridiculous THINK “don’t be a coconut” you might actually hurt someones feelings you don’t know and that is not rock and roll, thats some Im still in highschool, bully crap and don’t tell me what i already know.

    PS Don’t shout out songs for anyband to play that they already did, i heard kids saying,”play Soma,” and they did already. Thats what made john lennon hate Beatles fans and what made jerry garcia hate deadheads. If your not listening maybe don’t come, you make the band seem like their wasting their time and thats not Rock and Roll. Music is beautiful don’t make it look cliche or a repeat on you fucking IPOd get rid of that ipod and buy some records.
    ASIDE from the stripes the strokes have a very close place in my heart because i find simmilarities in julian that i do in myself its easy to say that and anyone can but some people are genuine and easy to break i know that for a fact my personality mirrors his that is my stand, some may find that they can relate to the songs but i relate to julian. I dont admire as much as I understand and I think that is what is lost in the heart of our Ipod youth. Go chew bubblegum.

  8. Remstar you are totally right. Last night’s concert crowd on the floor was horrible. but i was either stuck near 16 year old boys with fake id’s getting drunk and saying the dumbest things while trying to impress the pre pubescent girls they brought with them, or people who had pretty much no idea of who the strokes were and the only reason they were their was because of thew few radio songs they knew. But still it was an enjoyable night of music and im expecting tonites crowd to be the exact same, but what are you gonna do ive seen this shit happening at strokes concerts since their halloween show at the hammerstein a few years back. nothing new

  9. remstar i totally agree, strokes fans act like dickheads, it was the same at the london shows i wanted to be up front but risked being trampled on by screaming girls and underage boys who shouldnt be drinking, all they cared about was pushing people around, its so annoying

  10. i was in the mezz and after reading remstar’s description, i’m glad i was “stuck” way up high. the music was awesome, the vibe was spectacular, and the show was ridiculously amazing! one of the best concerts i’ve ever been to.

  11. and what about Juliet?is she really blonde and thin now?this woman is like a urban legend, nobody have pics of her, please?

  12. This was my first Strokes concert. Except a couple of awful songs from the new album, I gott say this is the best concert I have had this year. Great band… their songs are not easy… how the hell do they do it so well? I am gonna love them from now on.

  13. the show was incredible. julian sounded awesome. it was amazing. the crowd was kinda crazy with the random moshing and crowd-surfing and heckling eagles of death metal. but the strokes were so so great.

  14. i enjoyed their gig on mar,3!! but i was surprised to someone in front of the stage had fight.they should not had done it….
    and i think as the strokes’ fan, we should keep the bare manner…
    of course gig was soooo awesome!!!!

  15. I have a Sony DSC-W5 Cyber-shot that has limitless video with sound that I love. It is really small, and takes great pictures.

  16. Juliet’s blonde and thin now? Since when?! Sigh… I was so pleased to see that Jules was married to someone who looked ‘normal.’

  17. that’s so awesome. That was me and my sister. She made the sign that day. We were putting stickers on while we were driving to the city. what a great concert. Julian waved at her and gave her a thumbs up!

  18. haha i remember seeing that!! my friend & I were front & center on 2nd mezz….it was absolutely fucking AMAZING!! I want to relive that night over and over!

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