Links for 2006-03-03

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Editor’s Note: What Happened to That Cover Story? by
We have removed the article from the Voice website and begun a review of the entire piece. Sylvester has been suspended.

Gothamist: Village Voice Writer Caught Making Up Stuff
Nick Sylvester suspended for making up parts of his cover story

Village Voice suspends editor over fabrication
The Village Voice suspended one of its editors after he admitted fabricating material for this week’s cover story, a look at "The Secret Society of Pickup Artists."

As Gadgets Get It Together, Media Makers Fall Behind
The real news was neither shiny nor tiny. The question in the air was what people will watch, listen to and do with these machines now that they are becoming interchangeable and interconnected.

Yahoo Says It Is Backing Away From TV-Style Web Shows
With advertisers moving large parts of their budgets online, the market for content, created by professionals, bloggers and individual users, is expanding rapidly — as is the competition. Major media companies are developing video-based programming for

Weinsteins feeling the scribe vibe
JT Leroy biopic booked based on trio of NY Times articles

Elle Sets Sites on
Elle has long lagged behind Vogue in the online arena but it’s finally starting to play some catch-up — by perhaps taking a page from its larger rival.