Jack White Continues to Blog His Little Heart Out

More updates from Camp White Stripes. Posted yesterday:

The biggest failures come round and spring ultimate surprises of survival. There are species still around today that shouldn’t be here according to scientists. That’s why they are beautiful and curious. Survival is akin to the pursuit of happiness. Who has a paper clip collection?!?! I have so many collections, the doctors told me that I couldn’t collect people anymore, only their personalities and memories. So I have that going for me.

Meg and I want to call out to all of the fans of the band, however many are left, and say hello and thank you and a kind bob’s your uncle.

Uhh… Hi Jack.

11 Replies to “Jack White Continues to Blog His Little Heart Out”

  1. HI Jack, sorry for Mr. Childish’s harsh words for you. Please excuse him, he has been cooped up in a cabin with the infant for far too long.

  2. its like when europeans stick ‘for sure!’ on the end of stuff. or something. ‘a kind bobs your uncle’ is sort of…er…well its not bad, suppose. but lol.

  3. i love you jack childish’s is gay he was in love white a men name aristides valle melendez

  4. Well he always speaks of how cruel kids can be but that does not change, those same kids become mean-spirited adults that make themselves feel better by putting others down. We as people are progressing with technology, but not morals or ethics, so I can see his disdain for technology.
    I hope Jack amd Meg realize that a few bad apples does not ruin the whole bunch and there are those of us who find their talent and individuallity refreshing.

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