Sondre Lerche Plays Housing Works on March 10th

Hooray! Sondre Lerche is doing a special solo show at the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe on Friday, March 10th at 7:30 as part of the “Live from Home” benefit series with proceeds going toward fighting AIDS and homelessness in NYC.

Tickets go onsale at the store and Web site tomorrow, March 1 at $25 a pop. Paul Brill is also on the bill. It is sure to be a special event in a great space!

One Reply to “Sondre Lerche Plays Housing Works on March 10th”

  1. DAYUM! i love me some sondre, but not for 25$. plus i’ll be seeing my new loves, the boy least likely to. do you like them?
    i didn’t see you tonite at teh strokes! i was front row…and it was NUTZZZ with 3 z’s. god it was good. i can’t believe i considered seeing fall out boy’s secret show on friday over the 2nd (of 5/6) strokes shows. pshaw.
    anyway hope to see you on fri/sat.

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