Links for 2006-02-28

‘MySpace’ Parody Launches Film Career
A spoof of the popular networking site has been viewed more than 6 million times through various online sites and has prompted a development deal offer from MTVU, contact from Hollywood managers and a complimentary e-mail from MySpace co-founder Tom Ander

Yet Another Spin
Spin magazine is expected to finalize its sale today to the San Francisco media blueblood Nion McEvoy’s McEvoy Group and Hartle Media, a small San Francisco-based publisher.

Why She’s the No. 1 Target in the Glamour Business
Ms. Wintour has perfected a public facade so blank that she makes the ideal screen on which to project almost anything… The thought is scary, but Ms. Wintour may just have attained a creepy, Warholian level of fame.

Scenes From the MySpace Backlash
Media and politicians are piling criticism on the fast-growing teen social-networking site, which has been linked to sexual predation. But scapegoating and overreaction may be an equal, if not greater, danger. By Kevin Poulsen.