From the Desk of a Bummed Out Nick Zinner

You know, sometimes I write stuff on this site and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not always right. But FINALLY for once my theories have been validated by the actual band of which I wrote about. If you head over to the new Jane magazine Web site, they have some tour diary entries from your favorite e-mailing Yeah Yeah Yeahs band member, Nick Zinner.

In his entries from the Maxwell’s show and the first Bowery Ballroom show, Nick confirms my idea that the New Jersey show was great and the Bowery Ballroom show sucked balls. BIG TIME. So bad that everyone pissed me off enough to write this rant after the Friday show. To quote the guitarist:

MAXWELL’S: “Showtime. We’re escorted through the crowd, and of course, when we hit the stage, everything is fine. duh. why do i do this to myself? Its a rough, sloppy, and aggressive show, and people are screaming, jumping, dancing, sweating. We try playing an acoustic version of “maps,” which we haven’t practiced, and i butcher it trying to remember my parts on the spot, but the sentiment is there for us on stage, and seemingly strong in the crowd too.”

BOWERY BALLROOM [NIGHT 1]:We rock onstage, but unfortunately the crowd is stiff as nails, with heavy-duty lead in their shoes. The Bloggers in the front row keep their arms crossed for the whole show even though we are playing our bleeding hearts out, and sweating gallons. We’re trying out mostly new material for the very first time which could explain the collective reservation, but both the Maxwells Show and a few older songs disprove this theory. Its interesting how a crowd is always unpredictable up until the actual moment of the show, and there is always a unifying factor that spreads through the room like a bad case of herpes.

Dude, I’m still kinda disappointed by the lack-luster crowd-enthusiasm that night. The second night was slightly better–I even forced everyone around me to start 2 clapping rallies before the encore, but it still wasn’t as much fun as the NJ show or most of the past YYYs shows I’ve been to at the Bowery.

I just do NOT understand how a room full of 600 people who managed to get a ticket to the hottest show in town could just stand there for an hour and be totally unfazed and uninterested. Was everyone there just not really a fan of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and just wanted to be “cool” and say that the new stuff really wasn’t as good as the old stuff and that you much preferred the band when they weren’t signed to a major label? AUGhHH! Booo!

Oh and just let it be known I was in the 3rd row at the Bowery show, not the first.

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  1. a) not all bloggers suck – that’s a gross generalization – plus, what about lovely Laura?

    b) i happened to be in the front row at the second bowery show and i danced like a muppet on speed all night long

  2. shut the fuck up laura. the new stuff sucked plain and simple. Don’t blame the crowd for a bad show. A good crowd may make a great show that much better, but it doesn’t ruin a show. If it’s a good one, it’s good one…..period.

  3. Yeah but with out the shut the fuck up part. I agree it is very egotitistical for a band to blame the audience for the show shucking. Rockstar ego bullshit.

  4. the people in the first row in front of Nick, who were folding their arm were not bloggers and they were pathetic I’m not even sure they even moved their feet or clap more than a golf clap. Then again why is it musicians think you aren’t enjoying yourself if you not jumping up and down. My belief is if you aren’t going to dance and go wild you should at least make it up by clapping and/or screaming in between songs. Something I didn’t see many people do either.

  5. to the person that told me to “shut the f-ck up,” I happen to think the new stuff is really great. I could tell the band desperately wanted the people there (you know, the people who are supposed to be the FANS) to be enjoying the show. They gave their all. It’s a two way street you know? The crowd feeds off the band and the band feeds of the crowd. If you really hated the show all that much, why didn’t you just leave altogether instead of sulking around complaining about how crappy it was?

    I think this mini-tour was supposed to be for the die-hard fans (and for a little publicity)–there’s a much larger tour later next month that people who just want to kinda check them out can go to. and i think you’re totally forgetting the fact that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are a NEW YORK BAND. If you can’t get a good audience in your hometown where CAN you get one? I guess the answer is anywhere else in America, or the world for that matter.

    in case you forgot, musicians are people too. how would you like it if every day you showed up to work and had to give a presentation and everyone just filed their nails and rolled their eyes at you? A**hole.

  6. laura, that was a beautiful retort.

    you’re absolutely right. i am kind of worried about seeing them in april in philadelphia, but i really hope they keep playing their ‘bleeding hearts’ out and i hope even more that audiences start appreciating it.

    seeing the yeah yeah yeahs depressed would be like seeing a hummingbird with a broken wing. my fingers are crossed that the crowds get better and their spirits aren’t crushed anyime soon.

  7. In response to hightea: I was right in the second row behind those people and I know what you mean. The guys directly in front of me didn’t even bother to clap, I’m afraid.

  8. I was front row. I jumped and clapped to the beat and headbanged. But I also took a lot of photos which I always feel rude doing. I did notice a lot of people in my row not moving around as much on either nights. I also noticed not a lot of people moved around behind me either.
    I can tell Maxwell’s was gonna be known for the better show. In any case, Nick has some point in his criticism because YYYs were rocking the whole weekend, and their new materials are great. But…that’s just my two cents…

  9. Laura I think you are over reacting, I mean just because you think the new stuff is great and you want to promote a band on your blog, doesn’t mean EVERYONE thinks the new stuff is great. People just have their own opinions, and react with less enthusiasm just because they might be less emotional in public or shy or whatever.

    Let’s not make a mountain out of a mole hill. Also bands can’t be great every night, it’s tiring to expend that level of energy, so give the band and THE FANS a break.

  10. I personally find it a little redicolous that he would blame it on the audience. Nick needs to take some resposibilty and admit that it wasn’t their best show instead of saying we played so hard and the crowd didn’t get into it.

  11. it’s more about getting INTO the super sold out show. it’s not about acting (or) enjoying it.

    and that’s why ny shows suck

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