Two Out of Three Ain’t Good?

Ouch! I was just reading an interview with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs from The Guardian, and the writer Lynsey Hansley contextualized the YYY’s place in modern rock by commenting on two of my other favorite American rock bands:

In the three years since Fever to Tell‘s release, their New York counterparts the Strokes have released two underwhelming albums, while the White Stripes, the band whom the Yeah Yeah Yeahs supported at their first-ever gig in 2001, have become one of the world’s biggest rock bands. While staying true to their cool, uncompromising attitude, YYYs’ Show Your Bones easily outscores the Strokes’ efforts in its combination of artistic ambition and poppy accessibility.

I didn’t realize this was a contest. Thoughts?

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  1. It just reflects the poor quality of writing in music journalism, where everything boils down to scandal or opinion.

    sucky writer.

    also all those bands are overhyped and get written about so much that writers can’t think of anything else to write about and
    they regress into rivalries etc.

  2. i feel like the article is harmless. all of these bands received a lot of hype a few years ago so it seems like they all started together. and now it’s just a sort of ‘where are they now?’ thing… kind of tracking how far they’ve come.

  3. I like the fact that writers pit the Strokes against the White Stripes. In the mid-1960s the Beatles looked to America to see what Brian Wilson was doing with the Beach Boys, and it inspired them to reach greater heights. Likewise, Brian Wilson has often been quoted as saying “Rubber Soul” inspired him to make “Pet Sounds”. Competition is good. I like to think that Jack and Julian try to top each other with each new release, and it’s fun to debate who came out on top.

  4. Room On Fire is easily a better album than Fever to Tell, and from what I’ve been reading/hearing so far, I think I’ll end up liking First Impressions more than Show Your Bones. I just wish they had kept the new awesome songs that they played live on the Fever to Tell tour… and had not “gone acoustic”

  5. the stripes and yeah yeah’s are easily better and just plain more interesting bands than the strokes. anyone who believes the strokes have any influence on what either band is doing is fooling themselves.

  6. Funny, the leaked version sounds just like the single. I don’t know if I believe it’s not the studio one… but it doesn’t matter. It’s not like I’m not going to buy one anyway.

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