Ryan Jarman Gets Retarded at the NME Awards

Can you believe that Pete Doherty had absolutely nothing to do with the most shocking moment of last week’s NME Awards? (I’m sure everyone was disappointed he didn’t go ahead with smashing his guitar during Babyshambles‘ performance of “Albion.”

Anyway Cribs frontman Ryan Jarman decided to throw himself onto the Kaiser Chiefs’ table while accepting Franz Ferdinand‘s award during the awards show (read why) and ended up with a enormous gash in his back due to landing on top of glasses and bottles, eventually having to be sent to the hospital. You can see the stomach-turning photo right here on Andrew Kendall‘s site. Daaamn!

6 Replies to “Ryan Jarman Gets Retarded at the NME Awards”

  1. You are so right. Not even a glimmer of coverage for this criminally (not underrated, but) underknown band. Check out the CRIBS now and sing along to the “Woo-o–oh” part. These boys are the blood, sweat, tears and beers of British rock ‘n’ roll.

  2. Man, that was horrific, and I’m not even talking about that giant hole in his back. What’s with the wet booty stain? Maybe he got frightened and let loose in his caboose! Oh snap! Bad rhyming!

  3. The Cribs are undoubtedly to be one of the best new bands this year, their originality is…unspeakable

  4. the cribs are the best band to ever grace the earth, they do not even compare to us near mortals..cheeeeeerrs mates

  5. the cribs are seriously underknown but peole that know them love there music and as for the wet patch, its probaly a spilt drink seeing as hes jumped over a table full of drinks.

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