20 Replies to “Do Something More Entertaining with Your Free Hands and Spare Time”

  1. i need just teh audio song of this and the whole thing iwant it for my ipod.. what is it called?

  2. thanks!!! i was wondering what it was too!! i stumbled across this site while searching for it on google!! again, thanks!!!

  3. Soon in ebay you´ll be able to buy the original vinylius of Newton´s Streamline.
    It´s a real jewel.

  4. Does anyone know if it possible to download the song by Juan Carlos Pla, that is played on the Pepsi commercial.? Please post if you know.

  5. Does anyone know this song that is playing in the background of this pepsi commerical with Jimmy Fallon dancing around like a crazy man???

    If someone knows the artist or the song that would be great.
    The song really got stuck to me.

  6. Comments 12, 13, and 14… you are all idiots, read the whole conversation before you ask questions that were already answered… Read comments 5 and 7… and get some braind for yourself, go onto any site that lets you download things and find it.

  7. AnonymousJohn.. You dont need to be a rude asshole you stupid fucking dickface. Failing to read ahead doesnt make them idiots, however, you saying something as dumb as that proves that you are a complete moron. So do us a favour and stop acting like an asshole.

    And by the way John, comment number 12 and 14 asked WHERE.. Key word here, where they can download the song, not the title of it. As other people have said that it is difficult to find.

    Why don’t you grow some brains and not braind. Maybe that’s why you are such an asshole

  8. …and yet, no one has said WHERE someone could find and download streamline by newton…

  9. …fucking limewire buddy, were none of you guys around during napster?, it opened the door for countless other p2p sharing networks, get one, or bit torrents, damn…

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